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6 Percosets vs. 2 Vic + THC/CBD oil

Nov 09, 2015 9:50 AM

Twitter summary: 43 yr old male married to RN; one 13 yr old daughter. 2 bulging disks starting in '85 finally removed and fused 29 yrs and 4 surgeries later. 12 months post op. In 12 week PT program. Pain worse than ever.

I've been up front with my wife and kid about getting off narcotics. I'm legal for medical marijuana in MI. My med-Mari doc is a Naval flight surgeon and a frequently tested non-user.

He advised me to try out different things to figure out my own dosing.

Wife and daughter dead against it b/c of pothead stigma.

Family guidelines were set a few months back. No smoking. Vaporizing was initially OK. High CBD-low THC Simpson oil is what we settled on. Comes in a syringe and I inject into a pill. I also take a second pill made from the plant matter (Kief). Neither have the marijuana odor. I take 3-4 pills per day.

In that same time I decreased my narcotics use from 6 extra-strengthed Percosets a day to 1.5 low strength Vicodin a day. My GP is thrilled with that. I was kinda pissed at him b/c he recognized that my pain severity is up but must be scared of Vicodin b/c he was acting like I've been healed.

Anyway, my daughter announced 2 weeks ago that she is only comfortable with the pills, and I have until Nov 15 to stop vaporizing.

I decide I want to be a good dad and comply. Two weeks ago U began the Kief in pills as a supplement for breakthrough pain. I don't get high from it; spacey occasionally but definitely not high.

I retired the vaporizer last week. I ate up all my edibles. I only have a little plant matter left and was smoking it in the hot tub and my daughter saw me and freaked.

My wife sat me down and went on the attack for me being a liar. I calmly explained my side of it, but they were pretty dug in. I demanded that we see a counselor at a Catholic Church that we know of.

I'm thinking them probably being anti-pot is good b/c I don't want to be some kind of reefer addict either.

Hoping this family stress will pass without me doing any serious damage to our relationships.

And the kink in my upper back, the twisted rib pain on both sides, and the constant nerve pain in my butt, legs, and feet is like f**king torture!

Wow ... what a rant. Thx for being there so I can vent!!!

Nov 09, 2015 12:34 PM

Well, maybe your family needs to be in the same kind of pain that you experience daily! It always boggles my mind when people have an opinion and lots of answers but have never walked a day in our shoes. I hope it all works out for you. (I guess that I just had a bit of a rant too).

Nov 09, 2015 1:09 PM

I hate the "pot head" stigma sooooo much!!! It irritates me ALOT. smoking is the only way to relieve some pain for me. I wish people would just accept that it is a medicine more than anythin .

Nov 09, 2015 1:45 PM

I've been in pain for 11 years and have only been diagnosed for 6 months, tomorrow is first Dr. Appointment to talk a out pain management. Thus far I have only been given Tramadol which will help minimize my migraines but not much else. Mj has kept me sane in many ways, through pain management, distractions and it's one of the only times I feel up to visiting with people, it also does wonders for nausea and appetite.

Do some research on on MJ products (Red cherry oil and Phoenix Tears are good products for pain leafy.com is great for find specific strains) and show your family the types of benefits you could be getting. They do not experience what you go through on the daily so how is it fair for them to try and dictate the type of medicine you use for pain? At the end of the day MJ is NATURAL where the pharmaceutical may help in on specific way but there tends to be a list of 10 or more side effects.
Look up the effects of long term use percosets Vs. THC
Maybe set some bounderies " I know you don't like me smoking it so I won't do it with the kids home or only before bed and take capsules the rest of the day"
Show them how emotionally raw you feel to not have their full support, most people don't understand that it's not necessarily the pain it self but having to deal with it on such a constant and consistent basis

Nov 09, 2015 3:58 PM

The benefits of Medical Marijuana far outweigh the risk of narcotic pain medication. Whether vaprorized taken in pill form or edibles it has so many benefits. It helps with pain, anxiety, sleep and so much more. It sounds like your family needs to be educated about Medical Marijuana. There are so many study's out there. Maybe you should print out some actual statistics on the benefits. I think it's awesome you have cut down so much on your narcotics. Good Luck... Fellow card holder in MI..

Nov 09, 2015 8:20 PM

Thanks!! Y'all are great. I feel alone in my own house sometimes for the first time ever these last few months.

It is sooooo nice to have people that (a) get it, and (b) don't judge others until they've walked in their shoes. [I treasure the non-judgemental support]

Nov 09, 2015 9:49 PM

Grab a soda, coffee, water or juice this is a long one. I agree and disagree with you and below is my advice and opinion for you to use, not use, agree or disagree with.

I am going to speak as a mother of 2 a daughter 26 and a son 10, a husband who has never done any type of drug in his life and pain pills I think once or twice prescribed of course.

I myself took part in recreational drugs in my younger days teen to 24 I am now 46. I live in a state where it pot is legal (washington). I can load up on pain pills and honestly all it does is make me constipated. TMI

Last Christmas my daughter bought me edibles and rubs as part of my xmas gift and said try them and see if they help. She knew I would not smoke or such as i don't want to "get high" I have a child at home.

We didn't tell my son and after a lengthy conversation with my husband he agreed nothing was working and I should give it a go. The only time I would use it is at night and when my husband didn't work the next day. It relaxed me enough to sleep which really helped. I can't afford to get my medical card and can't afford to keep buying but when we have extra money, well money we weren't expecting really my husband has said go buy some chocolates and even took me to the store. I have 100 percent kept to my agreement.

I certainly never thought my husband would be agreeable in anyway to this.

I am surprised that your wife in the medical field doesn't understand more. The stigma of being addicted to multiple unnatural prescribed drugs is much higher than marijuana. In addition you can not overdose on marijuana but you can on pain pills. All information she has to know. So i am really confused on that one.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! as a mother and wife I am 100 percent against your young daughter ever knowing or seeing it. Just like a child would not decide on a move, divorce and so forth. No matter how mature, they are your kid. Not telling your child is not a lie as a parent we don't tell our children everything nor should they see everything.

Since you have allowed your daughter to be part of the descision then you have put her at 100 percent say in the matter. I, again, totally agree you should not be smoking or vaping in front of her. You totally let her down! This is not the example you want to be. Just imagine her coming home next week telling you she is smoking pot. You would not be happy and her answer.. well you do it dad. I seen this with my cousin and uncle it doesn't go well.

You may not like this but you let your family down. The damage is done. You agreed to something not meaning it or being on board with it and now it is causing problems and they have every right not to trust you.

How to get back from here won't be easy I being a woman can guarantee that. I know in my case when it comes to stubbornness the mule can't hold a light to me.

Because I grew up half my family in a Catholic Church I would like to suggest a councilor, not the church the last thing any of you need right now is judgement. Your wife probably has eap at work, most give you 4 councilor visits free.

I hope you can get your family back on track as quickly as possible. Because you all need each other. You are no longer single with no kids so as i have said to my husband...put your pants on it is time to man up.

This needs to start with your wife it is time to remember this is a husband wife issue and you and your wife as long as you are a united front will make the right decisions together for your family and child. The only thing you need to say to your daughter is a very sincere apology that you lost her trust and let her down and that hurts like heck.

Nov 10, 2015 7:20 AM

I spoke to the pain management doctor yesterday and he said that they are probably not going to get certified for the medical marijuana program any time soon. I said to him that with my meds I can't get my pain lower than an 8 and that if I could at least try it, if be able to know if it works and then be able to get off some of the medications that I am on. Oh well, guess I just have to carry on and wait. I can't jeopardize losing the medication that I receive from pain management just to try it before they say I'm allowed. January 2016 the program will be up and running here in NY and who knows how long I'll have to wait. Sigh... Oh well, life goes on.🌻🙏🏻

Nov 10, 2015 10:05 AM


Thanks for your post. I never vaporized nor smoked in front of my daughter. I believe I have manned up ... pills only is the choice I made and they can live with that.

It is now no different than taking Vicodin. It started out as a plant, went through a process to become a pill that I take. If anything, I sometimes feel a Vicodin high if I've gone several days without any. Love the Simpson Oil b/c it doesn't get me high but does disrupt the pain signals.


I've lived with the fear of having no pain pills for years. Most pain docs have know knowledge, experience, or skill in treating pain with anything besides opioids.

I would advise you to at least consult a doctor who has at least 50 mm patients on record. You wouldn't go see a cardiologist for a toothe ache.

Our medical establishment is fairly ignorant about medical marijuana. Gotta educate yourself!


Nov 10, 2015 10:10 AM

Oh I thought you said your daughter saw you or caught you or something.

I am not against medical marijuana or use for medicinal purposes I think i stated I do that.

Nov 10, 2015 7:13 PM

I've never used it and don't know that I would. Addiction is a major problem with family members and i feel there's a genetic predisposition for it. I don't drink for the same reason. I have major allergies to most pain meds, likely tired to my genetic defect with benzodiazepines. It's illegal in GA, except for children with seizures... But the law passed didn't account for how to get out, because it's illegal to grow/process here, and its illegal to transport accepted state lines. Go figure!

Rkolle01, I wish you well in your adjustment, and pray it continues to go will for you. Hopefully with counseling your family will be more supportive. Good luck! 🙏🌼

Nov 10, 2015 7:52 PM

I am wondering if your wife first and then bring your daughter in to talk to your med mj doctor for him to explain what it does for those in pain, differences btw that and opiates, etc??

Nov 11, 2015 6:57 AM

I wish it was legalized here in Wi. I told my doctor I'd rather do that to get rid of the pain vs putting all these drugs into my body that I have built up a tolerance to. He agreed. Just waiting for the day. My husband and middle daughter would be on board for me doing that instead. I'm sure the older one would be too, the younger one is too young to understand.

Nov 11, 2015 7:09 AM

My pain mngt doc told me I'd probly be a good candidate for MM, but that he's not going to get certified for it. There is a doctor whose number he gave me that will certify me but in order to see her I have to have already been diagnosed with one of the approved conditions. I have not been diagnosed with anything on the list yet.

One of the conditions is PTSD. I believe that I have this due to a number of things that have happened to me that have caused persistent anxiety and anxiety/panic attacks.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to bring this up to my psychologist? I don't want him to think I am only asking for this diagnosis because of the MM. I truly believe I have it.

Nov 11, 2015 7:50 AM

I live in upstate NY .. I did some research on the MM program they passed here. The list of approved dxs is really small but Rheumatoid Arthritis was one of them which I was dxd with 5 yrs ago. I tried it in my late teens. Didn't care for the way it made me feel so that was the end of that until I started getting sick about 10 years ago.. after a few years of constant painful flares my husband suggested I try it at least to help sleep so I did. The first time I got it it helped me sleep the second time i hated the way it made me feel and it wasn't helping me sleep.. so I stopped.. I tried again earlier this year to see if it would be something that would help the pain and used it for like 2 weeks on my days off but stopped again because I just hate the high feeling. Not to mention all the sick things ppl put into street drugs scares the crap out of me. I always need to be in control. The pain meds don't make me feel high however I don't always want to take them.

I have heard that MM comes in different forms and thier are ones without the high factor and if thats the case I would try it again. I don't know if my doctor will get certified for it but if they do then I might ask.

I actually think in a controlled environment for medical use its a great option and less dangerous. Mj in its natural form is not harmful to people .. its the crap that gets put into it by crazy ppl that ends up making dangerous.

Nov 11, 2015 12:39 PM

Cbd oil is taken out of cannabis. It is the part that lowers pain. You can buy cbd oil in almost all states. It dosent have any.high either. Linda

Nov 11, 2015 12:54 PM

Thank you Jenna I will look into it!

Nov 11, 2015 4:15 PM

I have another idea for people who don't want to smoke or stuff like that

medicated bath bombs.
It is a ball of "soap" basically you run a bath of warm water and get in and put the medicated bath bomb in. It fizes and releases the soap, foam, bubbles, and the cannabis. It is legal everywhere to order them online and it is amazing for pain relieve.
I buy mine on Mrs. von dank its a website for them, all home made and made to order and amazingly cheap($6 for some of them) but you can find them on many other sites.

Nov 12, 2015 1:01 AM

Amie I would push for the diagnosis. A what the heck is wrong with me got my mental provider to finally tell me I have ptsd. I can't say the marijuana would help that it didn't mine. I used it for pain to actually get sleep. I live in a legal state so I don't need a card.

Nov 12, 2015 2:51 AM

Mm didn't pass in OH, pissed me off. Anyways its against the rules at my work. Drug testing, not cool. Lyrica, Cymbalta wellbutrin, Synthroid,
LAMICTAL, Abilify and Percs, along with all the vitamins. I'm taking a handful of meds! Feel like a mad zombie whose body is going to fall apart.

Nov 12, 2015 2:52 AM

Thanks for the info Jenna

Nov 12, 2015 3:00 AM

I was pretty upset as well newty. I live in Ohio as well.

Nov 17, 2015 6:24 PM

Thanks Flappy! Linda, if you start calling dispensaries, growers or whoever sells it in NY and ask them to refer you to a mm doctor.

Unfortunately, it is often a small list. My doctor is actually in one of our armed services branches so you know he is drug free (tested).

Basically there are (a) doctors that know about it, and (b) doctors who do NOT know anything about it.

The best doctor in the world who doesn't know should not offer their opinions.

As always, find a doctor in the know and ignore the value judgements.


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