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a bit of a taboo subject

Sep 05, 2016 4:59 PM

Hi all, I suffer with chronic pain in my lower back and legs I take numerous amounts of painkillers and wanted to hear your views on using cannabis for pain relief. The only time I'm able to actually feel relatively painless is by taking cannabis but not all strains of plant seem to work as good as others. Being in the UK we don't have dispensaries nor is it legal but surely reducing from 13 tablets a day with various side effects to a herb?

Sep 05, 2016 6:07 PM

Stefanro, I know many people who sing the praises of cannibis. They tell me that the pain reduction is amazing. Here in the USA it is legal where I am however my doctor is not certified and therefore cannot get it. I'm sure there will be others that will pop along soon and let you know their views on what it does for their pain. Welcome aboard and well wishes.. 😊🤗

Sep 05, 2016 7:01 PM

Hi! I am being referred to a clinic for medical marijuana( it is legal here and Canada) I have never tried it..I mean I smoked pot when I was younger but I have never tried the medication marijuana and I am reluctant! I am scared!! Will it help my pain? Will I be " stoned" all the time? If it helps you or anyone else with pain relief then I feel like no one should have the right to judge or question your decision..but that's my point of view!

Sep 05, 2016 9:08 PM

My husband grows one plant per year in my garden which really annoyed me until he made me a tincture that I use for pain. I do not know the strain, but it does not put me to sleep or to eating every food item in the house. It takes my focus off the pain for A while & that is a precious gift. I cannot say it takes the pain away, but it relaxes my mind for a time.
At some point I may decide to try a specific CDB oil to see the way it effects me. It is legal in my state & that relieves us of criminalization.

Sep 05, 2016 10:57 PM

It's legal where I am. I've tried it. I didn't find it helped but I was also scared as I'd never used it before so I didn't ever take the full dose. If anyone is worried about the high get get the indica strain with high cbd and low thc. You won't get the high. It's the thc that causes the high.

Sep 06, 2016 12:10 AM

Thanks Gibber I really appreciate your feedback!

Sep 06, 2016 8:03 AM

I vape 🐫approx 2g of Sativa a day😊 for pain relief... 🤔i have been using cannabis as pain relief 🤗for about 10years now.

🤔 i have 😒 found orally ingesting cannabis to have a totally different effect😜 from vaping it. 🐪 i have had Sativex oral spray and it made me😲 hullucinate every time😤 i dosed with it...😓 it was aweful😢 (personal experience)

I have had absolutely😜 no effect from cbd cannabinoids...😙 so i prefer 😙a sativa strain ⚘with more thc cannabinoids...🐫 but it is personal choice.. 🐪

😙i dont get high... i become uplifted as the pain is knocked 🐴from a 7 to a 4... i can then get up 😄and do the chores🐴 that i miss so much when i cannot move 😓under such a 🤗heavy blanket of pain!

I also have a guy 🤗who makes me a 😊cannabis infused coconut oil 🌴tincture...🌴 that i rub🤗 directly on my skin, 😄lumbar/sacro 🤗 spine... its amazing! 🌿He just uses all the stalks🌿 and boils it 🌿and strains it...🌿 and i rub it on me bum!😚 MARVELOUS!

I would take 🤔This natural herb...🤔 rather than nearly🐪 all of these medications my doctors have me on!🐫...its a shame UK laws are so harsh... 🤗when they hand 😲morphine and fentanyl out like smarties!😚

Sep 06, 2016 8:25 AM

Thanks all, it is a shame about our laws here which pushes people to buy it illegally and not being able to get the right strain as half the people selling it don't have a clue!!

Sep 06, 2016 9:17 AM

Hello Steph 🤗
i hear u... in uk u have no idea what u r gonna get...🐪 most of the names🐫 are made up...😓 and no one knows what🌿 they are selling from one time😲 to the next...😜 the government is missing out on 🤔so much tax by not legalizing and quality 🤗controlling it! 😚

🐴so i may have😄 at one point in my life... formerly had grown... hydroponically...🌿 some plant-like weeds...🤔 lets say!🌿
A long time ago...🐫 for personal use only! 🐪It was the only way i knew 100%🐴 of what went into it...🤔 and i therefore was able to find a strain of sativa 😙to my liking. Now ...not so much!

I dont grow now...Oh but those were the good old days my friend 😚 hehe. 🤗

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