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A little rant & Proud of myself... all at the same time! 😢😊

May 01, 2015 1:21 AM

Well, I will start with the rant... I started on my new pain medication today. My pain Dr has switched me from percocet 10 to MSIR 15mg, which turns out to be morphine sulfate IR (I am pretty sure that means immediate release). I AM NOT IMPRESSED!!😬 I guess I had kinda gotten my hopes up a little bit that this time this pain medicine might actually give me some relief. Boy, was I wrong! I hurting more now than I was before! This is such a frustrating and cruel process we have to go through, just to try to live a somewhat functioning life. I am hoping that if I give it a few more days it will get better as it builds up in my system. If not, I see my pain Dr on Tuesday.

On to the I am proud of myself....

As of today I have been a NON-SMOKER for a whole month!!! I used electronic cigarettes to quit... And I have nearly weaned myself completely off of nicotine also. I would predict I will be nicotine free within about 1 week! I didn't think I would ever be able to quit! I guess when u hurt bad enough and your insurance company says they won't pay for surgery because you smoke (among other stupid reasons) it gives you a lot of motivation!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night & day with good sleep and no pain! You are all very special people to me! Stay strong! 💪😆

May 01, 2015 10:55 AM

Congratulations HornsHMH! You should be proud! As for the rant, I agree with you there too. My pain doc too me off tramadol & gave me a narcotic knowing I don't like narcotics, primarily due to my history of allergic reactions, and the potential of addiction and abuse (large family HD of addiction/abuse that I want to avoid). I purposely came off the gabapentin to see if it was worsening my dizzy spells and it does. But doing so has increased my pain. Unlike you I don't see my doc for a month, but I do see the one who dx gabapentin on Monday. Lucky me, he's doing a pudendal nerve block in his office... Yikes! I start a month of pelvic floor therapy next Wednesday and the block is suppose to block tightening of the floor muscles. Fun...NOT! I got off topic... Oops. Praying that the insurance will now approve your surgery!! Hoping you & everyone has a great weekend! 🙏🌼

May 02, 2015 11:06 PM

I am sorry horns. In one of my post I said that it was extended release. That is what Drugs.com said. but you are right by the initials. I didn't think of that. I would be upset to. When I was looking at Drugs. com it said that morphine is sometimes considered a narcotic. I was wondering what they meant by that and I was wondering if that is why yours is not working so well. It is to bad they cant give you the a fentanyl patch. That use to really work on me. When I was first was prescribed it though I had a bad doctor handleing my pain. He had me taking up to 300 mt of that drug. The highest most doctors wanted me to be on was 100 mg and a 25mg. I had to have surgery. They told me that they would not give me any more pain medice because I had enough to kill an elephant. So if that drug is ever offered, be careful. But it is a good drug.

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