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a long hard and confusing battle.

Oct 05, 2014 1:45 PM

Spinal issue that will not go away. Doctors keep scratching their heads.

Oct 05, 2014 1:49 PM

I was an avid soccer player. But after every game and practice it hurt. I coached my son. Then it happened. I score a goal.burnings funny position I fell.on a guy. Who.put.his knee up.to.save him I'm a big guy. I broke.12 ribs and my sternum. My backhasnt been the same since

Oct 05, 2014 1:53 PM

I started the usual options therapy and hydrocodone. Shots and pain management. Nothinh.helped. in was worried. About losing job of.20 years. So I made the worst decision ever. Back surgery. L4 l5 s1 fusion. Its been 10 times.worse since. Drs do look at me as drug seeking...but I'm in constant pain. So I just kept looking. Finally with a doc who carelessness good. E will.see. has ruined my life.

Oct 05, 2014 4:05 PM

I've learned when I go to the doctor I'm the worst face looking like I feel I look and it took me about four years before they believed me I've had two back ops l4 l5 fused and first one failed to heal they sent me to about six doctors before they did a test and seen that my spine was realy messed up and I wasn't fake ing it so they went in to fix the first op and after 8 years in Constance pain I refused to have any more sergery so done on my spine till I'm locked up can't move or walk then will do it so now I just take meds all the time three a day and a patch every other 12 hours then I feel at a 7 out of ten on back on point. now my back dr just sees me and says see you next month

Oct 05, 2014 11:50 PM

Sounds familiar. I'm.sorry and literally feel your pain. These pain doctors literally made me.want to have back.surgery. after countless injections and to.s of.opioid I.literally wanted surgery to.get away from them. They woukd.say looks.like.arthritis through your. Back that wilk never heal. Yet would jam.needles into.my spine further swelling the issue. Then when my tolerance woukd.raise they woukd.actually say are you selling your meds .I.wouldn't sell.my meds.for 10.million dollars. The patch.is.great if.it doesn't fall.off.at the first shower or if.I.sweat. I live in the south its always humid. So.my endless.search for God's right hand man who has the skills and compassion to.see me through this. And the first thing he says is never have surgery. And pee in this cup. A 250,000 surgery you woukd think woukd he evidence enough. But no.

Oct 05, 2014 11:58 PM

My life is been left to working if I can put in 8 hours and laying in bed. My kids don't understand. I lost my wife of29.years. she didn't understand. Good.riddance if you.don't love.me. but what hurts the most is I was so active in my community. I coached my son's soccer team for 12 years. My youngest son doesn't het that privilege. It hurts me. I can barely do laundry and I want to at.least.walk to.exercise. but a 30 min walk.adds up to.2 days of pain. If I was a weak man I'd put a slug in my mouth and end it all..But I love my family.too.much. so I.keeo the Hope that one of these "specialists" will be special and get me at.least half the pain. Many say not having pain is unrealistic. I say with the right people and the compassion it will..get right. And don't even mention the money I have put into this. I just want to.be normal. I want to.the father to my kids that they deserve. I want to matter again.

Oct 06, 2014 12:39 AM

Has anyone mentioned fibromyalgia to you? Do you take anything like Cymbalta?

Oct 13, 2014 11:24 PM

They tested me once and my arthritis levels were through the roof. Went to a rheumatologist and said no. Its all your back. Tried cymbals and lyrica. Both did nothing.

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