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Dec 22, 2016 8:14 PM

ATTENTION: I'm not writing this because I am the type of person to spread lies or bash another person or kick them when they are down. However, if by me saying this out loud helps this person get better and wake up and see that she has a problem then that's what I'm going to do. Christina Wilson and Brenda York both know the story and both know what happened and both know the truth. While Julie was in the hospital with pneumonia she was taking pain pills that the hospital was giving her but She was also taking the pain pills that the hospital discharged her with after her hysterectomy which was only 3 days prior. I stayed the night with her and she went into respiratory distress and the doctors had to rush in and perform life-saving procedures on her I got to witness my best friend dying in front of me all because she was getting pain meds from the hospital on a scheduled time but also taking her pain pills she was discharged with, so she was basically overdosing herself, she almost died because of her addiction that is why I am so upset I have been so mad. If you want to judge me and call me a bad friend then so be it but when I witness that and saw that over the last several months her addiction becoming worse over time I had to make a decision for my family to back away and let her do what it is that she is going to do I left the hospital telling her that I was pretty sure the next time I would see her would be at the funeral...
I just need prayers right now because she was my best friend but I have to walk away from this situation because I can no longer see her go down this path because at this point I can't help her until she admits she has a problem

Dec 22, 2016 8:27 PM

That's very sad Tilda, I have a friend who just admitted that she's been abusing oxy for the last three years. None of us knew. She has other medical issues that explained the behavior so we just didn't see it. She's basically bankrupted her family but she is getting help and has been clean for 12 days. I'll pray for you and your friend, please pray for mine. It must be so hard to walk away but you have to do what is best for you and hopefully she'll get help before she overdoses again, so scary.

Dec 22, 2016 10:18 PM

Thank you, and I will send prayers to your friend as well. It's been very hard and stressful to not have her in my life. But I didn't know what to do. I had to protect my kids from her behavior.

Dec 22, 2016 10:31 PM

Tilda you did the best thing for you and your family, she doesn't want help so she'll only come into your home and be high from her addiction

Dec 23, 2016 3:29 AM

It might sound harsh, but you did the right thing. Remember what the crew on flights says: Put on your own mask before you help others.
The same includes in real life. You have to take care of yourself before you can help and support others.
AND since she does not want help, you can't do anything :/
You did the right thing Tilda.

I hope you get better(mentally) to deal with this and can have nice holidays with you family. <3

Dec 24, 2016 9:27 AM

Being in your friends shoes, you are doing the right thing. I have been in recovery for so long and due to my condition made a decision to take narcotics in order to just get out of bed. BUT, when I broke my ankle the doctor had to double the amount of meds I was taking for them to even touch the pain. I am lucky to be alive, since then I have been to the hospital 3 times for "accidental overdose " I was taking the prescribed amount, I have had seizures, and now I am spending the holidays and my birthday with my husband and the rest of my family wants nothing to do with me. I am sad, but it made me decide to get help. My insurance kicks in January 1st and on January 1st I am checking myself into a medical detox facility until I am off of the narcotics. I am praying with you that your friend has the same realization that I have. I can't blame the doctor because the minute I needed to double my dosage I knew that I was in trouble. It is worth the pain of withdrawal in the right facility in order to get a baseline of my pain from my RSD. I love my family and my husband, it is not worth losing them. They don't understand my pain but I can't blame them either. So by stepping back I have been shown that I need help. Stay strong and keep praying for your friend and your own strength and courage. Having been on both sides, you are doing the right thing . I am always available if you need someone to talk to. Sending love,light, strength and hope to you. Happy holidays!

Dec 27, 2016 10:11 AM

Thank you. No medical action was taken over the weekend, unfortunately. However, they make a trip to the pain doctor tomorrow and hope the issues will be confronted then. The good thing is that the mother involved the police two days ago and the daughter is on notice. Will continue to pray for this family and you. You are a wonderful inspiration and will share your information with the mother today.

Dec 27, 2016 10:16 AM

Thank you, donamel! I will be praying for them as well.

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