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ADHD medicine?

Jan 08, 2015 5:44 PM

Of the pain subject I know... But I was wondering if anyone is taking vyvanse the medicine is fine I've been taking it for a few months but it's SO expensive for me!! It's almost 200 every month and this is including my insurance! I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good coupons or ways to get it cheaper? I could definitely use the help!! Thanks :)

Jan 08, 2015 5:51 PM

Try their website, they usually have discount cards. If not, a friend of mine went trough the same situation, she really needed it but couldn't afford it so she wrote a letter to the company explaining her situation and to company gave her the meds in a special plan! Never give up, try everything you can. Good luck!

Jan 13, 2015 1:05 AM

Here is some website information I looked up for you so that all you have to is click and paste. I found a coupon program. It said that the prescription would cost $30.00 for 12 months. That is the way I took it but you need to read it. See if you think that is what it is saying. It is some club you sign up for on line. The site for that is


I am sure you know by now that the medicine is made by shire. They have a patient assistance program that a person may be entitled to based on their income. The income guidelines are pretty high. So you may qualify. For two people in the house, you have to make under $46,530.00. For three people in the house you have to make less than $58,590.00. For four people in the house, you have to make less than $70,650.00. For five in a family, you must make less than $82,710.00. If you qualify, you get your medicine for free.

Their website for their patient assistance program is:


You can email them at ShireCares@shire.com or call that department at 1(888) CARES-55

I hope this helps. I wish the best for you.

Jan 13, 2015 1:25 AM

Oh, if you are just a one person household, you must make under $34,470.00. I just thought I better throw that in if you are single and living by yourself so you don't have to go and surf for that. Again I hope that this will assist you in some way. Best wishes. I have ADHD too. I have empathy for you. It can be very difficult to deal with. I quit school because I couldn't handle their constant repeating of information. It was so hard to keep focused. I would go two days a week and still make decent grades. I never failed a class. That shows you how much they repeat themselves. I needed more specialized schooling. Most ADHD people are highly intelligent. I also could not stay at a job or in a location to live for more than a year or two. I was so easily bored. I needed high stimulation. Trying to read a book is a test for me. All I can afford is the adderall so I take that about thirty minutes before I start to read. I hope you get the assistance you need. You wonder sometimes who they are making these drugs for because most of us can't afford them. I have a phobia of throwing up. No kidding. I would rather die than throw up. I told my family that if I ever got cancer, I am going to avoid treatment and die because I will not take anything that will make me throw up not for anyone. The point to this story is that I saw a new drug the other day for a new anti-nassau medicine. I think for fourteen pills, maybe thirty the most, it cost $14,000.00. I swear I am not lying. I read it in a medical journal. It was just approved. I think I saw it in the new FDA approved new drugs. I am always looking their for new devices or meds to help me with pain. O.k I am going. I have bugged you enough and rambled on. I hope the information helps.

Jan 17, 2015 11:17 AM

I tried Vyvanse and had to switch for cost reasons :/ It also made me quite grumpy, though. Have you considered trying something cheaper? There's always the generic short acting ones, or Concerta (Concerta might not have a generic, I forget). Luckily my insurance is decent now, so I get my monthly Concerta and Adderall for a grand total of 30$ a month. I hope the discount program thing profiler linked to works out, though!

Jan 22, 2015 2:28 AM

Thanks for the comments!!! I will look into shore some more! I had to leave school as well. due to my migraines as well as the adhd.

Also I've tried a few other ones I had a heart arrhythmia so my heart doctor is pretty cautious of putting me on new meds. Adhd medicine is a stimulant so it races the heart when mine already races incredibly fast. If a normal persons heart is going 60 sitting down mine would be going 120 sitting there doing nothing. So he doesn't want me to switch because we know this one hasn't bothered me. I did take straterra when I was younger and it made me extremely mean. Almost violent! Because of that and my heart too I would just like to stick with this one! So hopefully I can look into shire and get some discount!!

Nov 12, 2016 8:54 PM

I was put on Vyvanse two weeks ago for ADHD... to my surprise it was like turning on a light. The fog evaporated and only slowly comes back about 5 in the afternoon. I'm crabby if I forget to take it... because I can't remember anything or do anything right.

My daughter was also put on it, but her insurance doesn't cover in any way affordably, so she was just put on Adderol. It seems to work okay for her. As far as I know, she doesn't have fibro.

AND... for whatever reason, my hip/back pain is less. It still twinges but it isn't glowering ALL the time anymore. - knock on wood. Maybe it won't be long lasting relief, but at least the last two weeks (except for the election) have been the best in 30 years!

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