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Adjusting your pain chart / levels

Oct 01, 2014 12:51 PM

Does anybody else find that they've adjusted their pain levels / chart from what they maybe used to have, or what a normal person may have, or even a person in some pain may have> I'm in ridiculous, extreme pain almost constantly, but I've dealt with it for so long that it is partially just there, so I can kind of forget about it when talking about my pain (though my brain will never forget about how much it hurts).

I know my personal pain scale (1-10 thing) has changed at least three times in the past two years due to a few different surgeries and issues I've had. It's really hard to explain that to a doctor. Well, I thought I had the worst pain that I could ever imagine, but then you went and did this to me. Now I know there can be worse pain because I've had it.

Oct 01, 2014 3:56 PM

I have exactly the same - what was once a 9 or 10 is now a 6. It's so frustrating, because like you said, doctors hear a lower day-to-day number and think it means an improvement.

Oct 01, 2014 7:07 PM

I rate my pain according to how I remember feeling before fibro and how I feel now.
Honestly when the Dr or nurse asked 1-10 they categorize it in their prospective so the scales they use.

Oct 01, 2014 11:20 PM

I hate the dr 1 to 10 scale. I am sure everyone has a different pain tolerance. I think that is what took me so long to get diagnosed. Until my pain became all consuming and I was basically bedridden I was pushing myself everyday cause like I had been told nothing was wrong.

Oct 04, 2014 6:04 AM

Pain tolerance has been proven to be a genetic thing and some feel pain differently than others.
I have been living with severe chronic pain for 6 years now and what was once an area of pain level 7 years ago has become a background pain for me now. Not sure if its because I just got used to living with it or whether its because I have so many other areas on my body that have 8+ pain zones which are extreme and my body and mind focuses on those areas instead. The 7 pain zones are still there but I don't give them much attention anymore. Its not a good thing that you have so much pain that most people would find unbearable and you start to feel that its just part of life now.

Oct 04, 2014 6:30 PM

Yes, I find that my tolerance level for pain has increased over the years and I live with background pain as my default setting. Sometimes, I feel irritable and then I realise it's because I'm in pain and it's broken through my background threshold level.
I tend to carry on trying to live my life with a level of pain that someone without chronic pain would probably find unbearable. I only stop when the pain reaches a level where I can't function, I.E. I can't think, sit, stand out walk, for the pain and I have to take extra strong pain medication to knock me out in the hope that I will sleep through the pain.

Oct 04, 2014 7:26 PM

I find it difficult as well to use the pain chart..my pain from ME/FM varies in intensity and location weekly and sometimes even daily..I use an app called catchmypain which helps me to chart my pain, location, intensity, fatigue, and stress levels..daily or even hourly. the app charts everything and your able to include comments as to what you were doing etc...then you can email it to your doctor and he can look at the longer term of everything..and what triggers you include..it also can chart your medication as well..my memory is really bad right now and I forget to take my meds..so it reminds me when..what..Nd how much to take

Oct 04, 2014 7:27 PM

this is a good app is what I'm trying to say..you obviously know about the app or you wouldn't be here haha..see what I mean..I forgot I was in the chat for that app

Oct 04, 2014 10:22 PM

I have no memory from fibro, ADHD, and Gabapentin. That was funny sick enough. My kids call me Dory from Nemo.

Oct 06, 2014 5:16 PM

The charts may be of help because they show where the worst pain is and a comparison of the areas. It certainly doesn't show the degree of pain. I agree that our scales see totally of composed to those without chronic pain. I found myself almost in years a few minutes ago, and didn't feel worse than when I treated out as only moderate a bit before. Only the rally sharp pain seems to break through into my consciousness often.

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