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Nov 21, 2016 9:33 PM

After everything I've been diagnosed with I have learned a lesson the hard way. But I'd like to share this little piece of advice to new pain suffers and everyone.

Buy yourself a 3 ring binder. (I want it on paper because not all Dr will take time to look at a flash drive!)After every appointment go back a couple days later and ask for a copy of your Dr. visit. Always request a copy of lab results be sent to you at home!

Here's why they have tons of patients sometimes they mix up notes. Plus if you have to get a new Dr., your on vacation, you see a specialist ect.

I also attached a journal to mine. I try to log every day what's new, list and date new meds, diet, anything I can think of because you forget things in that 15 min or 30 min Dr. appointment.
And thanks to this app I also print a picture of my charts from here.

Also share heredity diseases w/ family members to be tested and hopefully they won't suffer as much as you do. I don't believe in hanging my dirty laundry for everyone to see but I do believe in educating those I love and people I care about.

Anyone else got words of advice?

Nov 21, 2016 11:16 PM

I think that's awesome. I don't do that but I do have a short medical history I print out. It lists my address and phone, my medical insurance and prescription insurance with their phone numbers, it lists my medications, my diagnosis and my surgeries. It has the name of my doctors, what their speciality is and their addresses and phone numbers. I also included my pharmacy address and phone. Then at the end I typed out my wishes should something happen to me. (sort of like a living will would be).

I update it as necessary, always keep a copy in my purse and a copy for any new doctor. I also will print off a copy of my updated medication list from those pages to give to my other doctors.

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