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Agonizing Fingers, Elbow, Forearm, Triceps and Shoulder Pain

Sep 11, 2014 8:35 PM

I have had severe and agonizing chronic pain that started as sciatica in the left leg 6 years ago. I had surgeries which has left me in so much more pain in so many other locations and left me bed ridden for almost 2 years. My spine has all kinds of issues including arthritis, bulging disks, stenosis from scar tissue and other things narrowing the nerve roots, spinal spurs growing and three collapsed disks in the lumbar region. This started in 2008 with the surgery in 2009 and finally in 2013 I could not work any longer due to the pain and the handfuls of drugs that I take multiple times a day. Recently I have developed agonizing pain in my shoulders, arms, elbow and fore fingers. It started in my right elbow and right shoulder blade area that radiated outwards. Now my right arm is in so much pain I can't do even the simplest of tasks such as opening a medicine bottle. The left arm is not as bad but the symptoms seem to be getting worse in that arm too. I asked my doctor about it and she pushed my right hand fingers backwards and asked if that hurt, which it didn't hurt that bad. So she said its not tennis elbow and said I needed to get some more xrays of my neck. I had CT and xrays 4 years ago that showed some minor to medium disk bulges. I have to walk a lot with a cane and walker now which puts a lot of weight on my arms especially the right one which I hold the cane with. The pain definitely feels like its coming from the shoulder blade area and my elbow which I assume is then irritating the nerves causing the pain in the other locations but I might be wrong. Does anyone have any insight to what this could be other than maybe a bulging disk putting pressure on a nerve?

Sep 12, 2014 1:11 AM

can you ask insurance for authorization for second opinion? my feeling is that it is because of your weight on the cane and walker. you need up-to-date images. ask your doctor for referral or second opinion. also I have learned that you cannot minimize your pain level. even if it doesn't hurt that day. best wishes and good luck!

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