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allergies to pain meds, anti depressants and anti inflammatory

Mar 02, 2018 4:24 AM

Hi, I'm 32 I have hyper mobility, fybro, reactive arthritis and spondylitis hope these are spelled right. I am In constant pain, due to my relative arthritis I was put on a immunity modifying drug which has now made me react to everything including that drug. I swell up so I need to slow down and can't take anything. I'm told to move to help my fybro but when I do I then swell due to my reactive arthritis. They all don't work with each other so no-one can advise me. I can't take anything to improve mood so on my own to deal with my pain I can't raise my mood by even taking a simple pain killer. Even if for a week I have no reaction I feel better but then the rash starts and breathing difficulties so I'm back to square one...any advice would help so much, I have 4 children I don't want them to see me in so much pain or be so low mood.

Mar 05, 2018 6:20 PM

Hi dear,

Hang in there. I was wondering, is all the medication prescribed by different doctors? Do they form a group of doctors that are giving you a holistic treatment? It seems that your sicknesses are fighting with each other with no good response with meds.

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