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Also new here

Jun 09, 2017 3:42 AM

Hi there guys and girls
Im Male 32 and have Fibro with most of its friends (ibs, depression, anxiety, fatigue etc etc)
Struggling with the pain a lot lately and while searching for a pain diary i gound this app (BTW amazing work thank you) nice to speak to people going through the same or similar problems.
I use a stick to help me walk and im getting sick of the whole "oh what have you done" and then having yo explain to someone who doesnt really care or hasnt got a clue "oh i suffer with things like that" etc one more reason to shut myself in the house.
I do try to get out and about but get a lot of rebound problems and end up worse off that evening or the next day.
Anyway enough of me ranting how are we all today.

Jun 09, 2017 5:28 AM

Hello, I too have fibro and currently walk with a cane for stability and balance - but there was a time when I leaned very heavily on and actually depended on the cane like another limb to get me around. People can see the difference even if they are otherwise oblivious. Changing the way I used my cane also changed my posture and gait and I have seen a positive effect in multiple areas.

Before people would think I had met some recent horrible fate at the ski hill or was just going to bounce back soon after falling on the ice. Telling people this is not the case just resulted in blank stares and disbelief. They just couldn't grasp being in so much pain after more than 10 years (also my CRPS) Eventually I formed a short and simple response that didn't go into too much detail and I became less concerned with trying to make everyone understand.

I can relate to you which is why I am telling you about my experience - this topic should still be focused on you. Even though I am doing better these days I know exactly what you mean about rebound the next day and I have accepted that I am usually unable to leave the house two days in a row because the second day is all about recovering from the first!

Hang in there and things will get better. I find what helps with the anxiety and depression is to let go of trying to educate people who are not capable of understanding. Try to make the most of the outing as a break from being in the house and to hell with anyone who isn't worth wasting your energy.

Jun 09, 2017 11:56 AM

Hi there. When you say rebound, would you consider it to be similar to a relapse or flare up?

Just trying to navigate my on health issues, which are quite different, though I believe there is quite a lot that chronic diseases can learn from each other's problems and how we all deal with the problems that most people would take for granted. I'm sure no one person is completely free from health problems, but sometimes I wreckon some people aren't even aware of problems they have or could be bordering on something more chronic if the right circumstances were to balance out (I'm not sure if they are lucky souls or not).

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