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Alternative medicines

Jul 21, 2017 12:59 AM

What are some alternative medicine or treatments that have worked for you?

I'm disillusioned by the lack of care I receive and would like to start exploring alternative treatments and more holistic medicine.

Jul 21, 2017 3:12 AM

I have Reiki every 4 weeks and I find it invaluable, it's probably the only time I truly relax. It brings my anxiety down and my pain level goes down slightly as well, I feel more grounded and I sleep better for 2 or 3 nights after as well. I would have it more often but I can't afford to but I have actually just did my level 1 Reiki course which is focused on self healing....giving Reiki to myself and the basics of doing Reiki treatment for friends, family and even pets (cats and dogs)....and also how to ground and shield myself (I soak up other people's emotions which leaves them lighter and me bogged down and in more pain).

I also take magnesium supplements which have helped greatly reduce the muscle twitches (restless legs but all over). Magnesium is also meant to help relax muscles, reduce fatigue and help your nervous system with normal function.

I use bath salts like Epsom bath salts, Himalayan bath salts, sea bath salts especially if I'm in a lot of pain as they help my muscles relax and are good for sensitive skin. I put a few handfuls in to a hot bath and soak for at least 20 minutes....I normally stay in for about an hour topping up the hot water as needed.

I also take Turmeric capsules twice a day and add Turmeric to most of my cooking and even add it to my herbal teas (depending on which tea I drink). With the capsule's I've read that if you take something like omoprazole don't take them together as they interact, it's best to take them at least an hour apart.

I've just been advised that Devil's Claw is good for pain but taking them orally they can interact with quite a few meds like Amitriptyline and Omoprazole, they are two that I take but there's a few more it interacts with and it increases production of bile so if you suffer with gallstones it's not recommended. Although I was given the gel to rub on the areas where you suffer pain, I suffer terribly with my neck and shoulders to the point I constantly have pins and needles in my left finger tips but more recently I've had pain from the nuckles at the base of my fingers to the finger tips in my left hand, I've been rubbing the gel in to my neck and shoulders and the pain has reduced by about 30% and I don't have the pain in my hand but still have the pins and needles and the area I rub the gel in has become a little sensitive to certain materials.

At the moment that's what I do to help myself but I'm always looking around to see what's available but I do my research to see what interactions and other information on the alternative medicines especially the herbal meds, you may think that because it's natural it's safe but some are truly as dangerous as the meds that doctors give out so before you take anything new make sure you do your own research and consult your doctor if you still have concerns.

I hope you're able to find things that help you xx

Jul 21, 2017 10:21 AM

Fresh horseradish root fresh
[ frozen works well too ]graded ( or plused in a blender or food processor ) mixed with just a little bit beer or mead, [ just enough to form of paste ] applied warm ( a little above body temperature ) as a plaster to the affected joints . You may loosely wrap it up with cheesecloth or gauze . May even cover with ace bandage. You will ( smell ) odd but works quite well.

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