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An injury and a grumble.

Oct 27, 2016 9:07 PM

Yesterday I did a stupid thing I did some push-ups trying to get some exercise. I feel a pop in my shoulder and then mind numbing pain follows. I ended up at the clinic last night. I at very least sprained my rotator cuff. Not fully sure if it's torn yet. Doc said I was in too much pain to do a full exam but to see how I'm doing in 10-14 days if it's still bad I need to be seen again. I'm right handed and guess which shoulder I just messed up. I can't lift my arm at all. The pain is brutal. I'm taking Advil and perocette. Doc showed me a light exercise to do to keep from getting a frozen shoulder. Add this to lupus pain and not fun. Guess I'm left handed for now. I think I'm going to have to enter myself in someone's naughty book...
I can't drive now either with this injury. My independance is already robbed by the disease and the weather up here a fair amount and now this. My poor Hubby. He's been amazing but I feel for him.

Oct 27, 2016 9:11 PM

Uh-Oh.... I'm telling and it'll be in the Naughty Book you go!!! I've had my share of entries.. LOL!! I even got the trophy to prove it. LMAO!! Feel better soon
And I hope you didn't tear the rotator cuff.

Oct 27, 2016 9:13 PM

Lol I know what was I thinking?! I wish I could take that moment back!
So you're the trophy holder eh?! I guess

Oct 27, 2016 9:14 PM

Oops I hit send by accident before I was ready. I guess you've earned the right to tell! Lol
Thank you. <3

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