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Angry at my doctor

Mar 26, 2018 9:04 PM

I am a liitle upset at my doctor. He had me try 10mg of paxil to try to help me sleep. He said try it for a month and if i dont like it to call him ans we will try something else. My appt in feb and i called him a month later because i felt it was not doing anything for me. I called and left a message at the office and i get a call back a day later from the med asist saying to stop taking to paxil and to take tylonal pm until my next appt. My next appt is in june and its march. I have had conversations with him that tylonal does nothing for me and that is what he tells me to take. I have to go with no solution for my sleep until my appt. Thats more than 2 months of my life.

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