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Oct 07, 2014 8:30 AM

anyone here suffer from AS? I'm undiagnosed but present all the symptoms, have the genetic marker, my great grandfather had it, but all X-rays and mri scans are normal. seeing a rheumatologist on the 11th as my ortho believes it's AS, I'm beginning to think there is a tiny possibility it could be although I'm in denile that that's what is could be despite most indicators saying it is. I am terrified and in daily pain since Christmas '13 and had hip problems since birth. hip pain came first, then knee pain, then back pain, and now elbow, hand, neck pain too in the past few weeks. I hold judgement about the doctor suspecting AS as I get a lot worse with activity unusual for arthritis and my back pain came a long time after my hip pain began. although I have spoken to a few AS sufferers who said they presented in this way too and we're still diagnosed with AS. no painkillers are helping - I'm on Arcoxia and slow release tramadol at the moment. I'm only 20 and trying to complete a psychology degree but pain makes it really difficult. work is out of the question because of the pain, so rely on my student finance for everything. there is also a change it could be FAI as I present the hip conditions of that, but annoying both AS and FAI are known to "hide" or mask symptoms of other conditions making it hard to distinguish and diagnose properly. my bloods came back as a tiny bit raised for ESR, literally a tiny bit over normal ranges. 4 generations mostly femal all had/have an arthritic condition. I guess now it's my turn :(

Oct 08, 2014 10:58 AM

I have AS, RA etc. everyone thought I was clumsy as far back as 10 years old, I wasn't ...AS has made me a fall risk even on a flat surface. I have had pain in cervical spine and other areas but it's really hard trying to explain to Emergency medical people that I fell flat on my face because my ankle buckled suddenly. Once I say I have AS they nod and say oh, no wonder. The most embarrassing episode was when I was on the toilet and my hips refused to cooperate so I was literally stuck there until I could get help. Since I have RA as well my treatment includes Remicaide at the highest dose 5 weeks apart, methotrexate, Tramadol etc. but the best ongoing treatment is walking the swimming pool along with an exercise regimen in the pool every day. I also use the blood type diet to reduce inflammation and no sugar.

Nov 14, 2014 2:08 AM

Hello, recently diagnosed after waiting 22 years.im 36,had been working all my life but got mad redundant in June this year.havent gone back to work as im waiting to be out on new meds which according to my physio are "life changing". We shall see. Stared with hands, then restrictions in arms, neck, knee locking, then sacriolitis found on mri. I live in uk and part of NASS group which does gym and hydro once per week. I found it hard to accept that I couldn't do everything I wanted, but family have been lovely(most of them anyway) and supportive hubby who has to put up with my mood swings and exhaustion :) Recommended exercise is swimming, cycling and walking.make sure you have a good seat at college with arms and walk about every so often. It's hard because it's an invisible illness, but there is help out there. Good luck, keep smiling :)

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