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Another worthless Dr appointment, cryingin my car...

Feb 16, 2016 3:22 PM

Sitting in my car crying...started crying the Dr's office but mostly held it together. I'm just so tired of the ""there is nothing else answer"!!! I got dressed, left the house, gave up my time for this appointment, and had hopes of help. For what? For nothing! This is just for sinus issues but they've been driving me crazy since Christmas! On top of everything else, I can't take 1 more thing!! My head hurts, my ears and Throat too. The pressure is top much! I'm barely balancing CRPS, and new fibro pain. This is taking me over the top! The doc said there is no sign of infection- (other than strep I don't think docs ever admit to infection anymore. Antibiotics are guarded as much as pain meds!) He wants me to stop everything that helps for 2wks and get retested for allergies. Nothing has changed in my life so why would allergies start in December? Its only 50% chance it's allergies anyway. It could be basal rhinitis for which I'm taking all they will prescribe (sudafed, Zyrtec, nasacort). So why stop everything to hurt more AND have more Dr apts for 50% chance??? (less than I think).
All the post nasal drip is in my lungs now and I'm coughing. My chest hurts now Too... I'm scared I'm getting bronchitis. When I get it it stays for months. More doctor appointments, playing the "it's a virus" game even though I have 25yr history of responsiveness to a Zpack and steroid. More time being sick AND in pain Now I'm going to need to have more doctor appointments. My co-workers think I'm crazy and never at work already...
I'm sorry I'm whining. I just can't take more pain. Or more time for doctor appointments to hear nothing can be done. Do docs not understand the effort it takes to get dressed & go to ANOTHER doctor appointment?? Or to get my hopes up to be crushed again? I really can't stand Dr appointments anymore. The emotional rollercoater, the embarrassment of telling people I have ANOTHER appointment, but no more answers...

Now I'm going to be upset all night. My husband is awesome, but he won't know what to do so he'll either hover or be frustrated...both which will irrationally iritate me... Stupid, I know... We'll I have an hour til he gets home...maybe I can shake this before then... I was just hoping for something that would help, being happy, and maybe enjoying a nice evening with my husband, rathr than another I don't feel well/am upset evening. We're both tired of those!

Feb 16, 2016 3:41 PM

Honey, you can whine until the cows come home!! I get it.. We get it. When you are already suffering and that "one more thing" comes along, everything else just goes to shit!! It'll be ok. I've been back and forth, had pneumonia and it's gone, bronchitis and it's clearing? Sinus and ear infection and I've been sick with all of this with no reprieve since Nov. 15th.. I'm sorry you're so upset, it does come along with the territory and you have every right to be upset. Too much antibiotic is going to build a resistance to any germs that hit you and then nothing will be effective AND they destroy the good bacteria and you keep getting sick!! Sending you {{Hugs}}, please try not to let this stay with you all night. You'll really feel worse. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you have a peaceful evening.💕🙏🏻🌻

Feb 16, 2016 4:21 PM

I have autoimmune issues that make me feel like I have bronchitis, and ear and sinus infections. My question to your doctor would be what allergist are you sending me to? I didn't need to stop any meds and the allergist knew right away what it was. The next questions I would ask is what is going in in my body, why is it having this response and what is it responding to and what are you going to do to figure it out.

Perhaps it is not your appointment that is worthless but your doctor. They forget they are a contract service paid by us, our insurance or a combination of both. I have no hesitation in switching doctors when i deem one ineffective to my well being.

Everyone here has been where you are at one point. My way of dealing with it is by fighting and researching until my eyes and fingers hurt. Find an outlet because doctors are always going to be a pain in the ass, it's just that simple.

Feb 16, 2016 5:25 PM

I get that your are sick and tired. I see from your Post that you are completely at your wits end. You are hoping that the doctors can answer or treat your problems right now....sometimes they really just don't know yet...it does take time for a Doctor to diagnose something, are you unhappy with how he speaks to you , do you feel uncomfortable with his bedside manner? I don't know why he is an educated person, either he is unable to have a discussion with a patient, because he lacks the social abilities or he is a prick and thinks his shit doesn't stink. I know you exhausted mentally, it is a roller coaster ride from hell trying to get healthier and pain managed. I would like to give one piece of loving advice, would you consider getting some counseling... (Not because I think you are crazy) but it will bring another specialist into your life to help you learn how to emotionally cope and to be able to identify ways of communicating to those other doctors.. It may help enormously to have that one doctor on your side. Counseling and psychotherapy and all of us here in Catchmypain, can help each other with all the difficulties . I am so very sorry to know you were alone , sitting in your car, crying. I am glad you are sharing your burdens and stress with us... So please be kind to my new friend, and take a deep breath.. And carry on. You MATTER! Love and Blessings, Terri

Feb 16, 2016 8:38 PM

Gardener, I'm so sorry you were alone and crying, from frustration and sick of being sick. It's hard to feel good when the cycle won't stop. But coming off your meds for a short while isn't a bad idea. If we stay on these meds too long they aren't as effective, especially when they're meant for short term use. One doc wanted me to stay on mucinex-dm but 6 weeks is just too long, especially when I have a dry cough. I chose to stop taking it to give my body & immune system a break. And I understand you being tired of doc appts. Over the past 18 months I've averaged 8+ appts each month. Due to the many issues I have, they all want close follow ups. But it really gets tiring. If love to have just one week where I didn't have an appointment! But I don't are that happening any time soon.

Ironically I was at my PCP today for the same exact reason. I've been sick since Christmas, with clogged ears, sinuses, coughing, sore throat, post nasal drip, and bronchospasms. I've been put on and off various meds, repeating meds, and this crap just won't clear up. I've had 2 steroid shots and start my prednisone regimen tomorrow, hoping it will boost my immunity & put an end to all this. I have taken 2 rounds of antibiotics, to little avail, except to temporarily stop the sinus infection. And then the fibro & sjogrens flares 2x in 4 weeks. I've seen three doctors nine times. Starting last week 2 docs are now saying it's likely allergies to mold, due to the ever fluctuating weather fronts. Mold is one of my major allergies, so I'm beginning to think they're right. I'd ask for allergy shots but the last doc that started those nearly put me in the hospital. I'm sitting here having chills to the bones, shivering, which is another symptom I've had since December. It's not that cold here, high of 64 today and only 40's tonight. But I can't get warm. I'm going to give the prednisone a chance but then I'm going to an allergist. The last time I saw him my allergy and asthma meds needed to be changed. He only sees me every 6-12 months, but being the others are failing me & they think it's allergies, I'll make an extra trip to see him. I'm soooo not looking forward to the prednisone side effect of insomnia! But at least after tomorrow I don't have more appts his week.

I hope you've been able to relax and enjoy some time this evening. Our spouses want to be helpful, but sometimes when they try too hard it tends to rub us the wrong way. I guess that's natural when we don't feel well, we are easier irritated. If you haven't seen an allergist, maybe that's where you should start. I'm glad I have my psych counselor to help me Wade through all my illnesses and mental & emotional states. I can't believe I waited so long to see one. And then this community is great support too. I'm sending you gentle hugs, and saying a prayer you will get the right doctor & right treatment to end this stuff! Make you a hot toddy tonic with heated whiskey, lemon juice, & honey, them have restful sweet dreams!! 🙂🙏💕🌼

Feb 18, 2016 11:25 PM

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your words of support!! The evening wasn't as bad as I thought. Hopefully my sinuses will resolve themselves. Whatever got into my lungs is sticking around though! Extra rest and vitamins isn't doing it so far 😳 I have a quiet weekend planned so hopefully that will help.

Feb 19, 2016 7:48 AM

Just a thought, have you researched what your eating, I am amazed at how much pain I have lower down by dropping sugar alone... I do use once in awhile, but as much pain we are in we tend to eat fast box or fast foods ... breads can cause sinuses issues.. yes yeast could be a problem... try going more raw and veggies no white stuff flour sugar ect... might amaze you, other wise welcome to the crazy lady's in pain club where no one is really crazy..

Feb 19, 2016 9:31 AM

As you can see there are many people hearing you. We get it. I wish you would not have to go through this. But it does happen. This is exhausting mentally and physically. Please remind yourself that you are important and do something good for yourself after these times. Cry if you need to. I wish I could hand you a tissue or just listen at that point. Then we could crank up the radio, sing a song, have a warm beverage and move on. You did get dressed, got out the door, did the appt. maybe that's enough for a day like this. That's acceptable in my world:) It is hard to deal with missing work, that another issue to deal with that seems to cause lots of stress. The group shares lots of support and good thoughts to your concern. I am thankful for this.
I try to be gluten free, keep my sugar to 6-9 teaspoons a day which is hard to do, don't drink milk, but have low fat yogurt.
I am very fortunate to have an excellent talk therapist I see every week. Over the past 2 and a half years I have opened up and experienced many many emotions. Yes I have gotten mentally worse at times because it can get heavy. But I am growing and understanding life better. Life can be very hard, that is the truth. I understand that that it is important that I talk to someone about my change in life due to illness, that I will not return to who I used to be. I need to grieve. Waiting to see pain clinic, they have a psychologist to help and work start CBT. This CBT is to help with thinking and managing the change and pain. I have found that I need to be mindful of who I share what with because I don't want them to get burnt out from me. So I talk to different people about different things: my kid parenting and everyday stuff, husband partner stuff, psychiatrist mental health, nurse practitioner to balance my medical support, spiritual care for a different perspective, my girlfriends for female, mom, laughs, support, volunteering to get my mind thinking about other stuff and being around some awesome people. I am challenged with my siblings and Mom because we live different lives and are not really at a level were I am at. This makes me sad they don't get it. So I will put them on the back burner for now.
Take care Gardener.

I hate those appointments that don't seem to help. The emotional drop after these appointments are exhausting and

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