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Any fellow Muslim?

Feb 25, 2018 10:11 AM

I'm a new muslimah and have some questions om how you get everyday life to work? I have a hard time keeping up with the prayers when my pain gets worse or because of lack of energy. I've asked my boyfriend what I should do when I want to pray but don't have the energy to make wudu. Since he doesn't live with chronic pain he doesn't really get it so I was wondering how you handle the problem. And how do you stay focused while praying?

I also have some questions about the hijab. I would like to wear a full coverage one day but because my pain is worst in my chest I don't really see that happening. Any advice on how to explain to others why I just can't wear a full hijab?

If you don't what to answer the question here, feel free to PM me 😊

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