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Any other chronic pancreatitis patients out there?

Aug 04, 2015 3:07 PM

I have been battling pancreatitis since November of 2012. Just wondering how many other folks out there are dealing with this.

Aug 04, 2015 3:23 PM

ZacC, I'm sorry you are. My pcp thought last year mine was causing my symptoms but labs said otherwise. I hope you can get it under control because I know it's very painful. 🙏🌼

Aug 05, 2015 5:41 PM

Me too! Not for so long though. Had my first round/bout with pancreatitis last October. It keeps popping up randomly ever since. I'm trying to be really careful with my diet etc... still have no real clue why or what's going on and my Dr.s don't really seem to know either.

Aug 05, 2015 6:20 PM

@winnbliss36: have you seen a specialist yet? I had a GI specialist who was helpful but eventually he told me I needed someone more knowledgeable than he was so I was referred to my current dr who specializes in pancreas, gall bladder, and liver issues.

He has me on a strict diet, a tailored multivitamin régimen, and I take creon with everything I eat because I don't produce sufficient digestive enzymes. He also does an internal ultrasound every year minimum (more of I have a lot of issues) and looks for cancer and measures progress of the disease.

Aug 05, 2015 7:39 PM

Not seen a specialist in pancreatitis, saw a GI specialist who wants to keep track of my blood levels of enzymes etc... so I have to do blood work whenever my right side feels painful or strange in any way. There's also been talk of testing to see how well I'm digesting everything. I've had so many medical things going on at once it's hard for me to keep track of who's doing what and when. Had MRI done to look at a growth in my liver, also had tests done on gallbladder and an endoscopy. It's all a blur to me as I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and already had a couple other chronic pain conditions to manage.

Aug 05, 2015 8:52 PM

Oh wow, you certainly have a full plate. Hopefully the Drs are staying on top of everything.

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