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Anybody got Rear ended before?

Feb 25, 2016 1:18 PM

Good morning Everyone! :)

I'm curious and would like to know if you:

Have you ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident "Rear-ended" before?

You Never had issues with your back before until you the accident "rear-end"?

Feb 25, 2016 2:15 PM

Hey crazywiki,
I'm sorry you are suffering after a rear ender. I suffered the same 16 years ago. We were the middle car in a 3 car shunt. I was 6 months pregnant at the time, so my ligaments were very soft anyway. The accident caused muscle and ligament damage down my neck and across my left shoulder, which I still suffer with even now. Although this is not the main reason for my pain, as I have since developed disc degeneration and herneated discs, plus a good old dose of sciatica in the mix. I hope you aren't suffering too much.

Feb 25, 2016 2:42 PM

Hi Glassback, thank you for sharing. I really appriciate it.

Sometimes, nobody understands how much pain I really feel.

If i'm washing dishes my lower back gets aggrevated its painfuly like my lower back is pressing on my spine.

I'm so thankful I found this wonderful community :)

Feb 25, 2016 2:46 PM

I'm glad you Found us. Are you getting any treatment crazywiki?

Feb 25, 2016 5:43 PM

Yes, I too have excruciating pain -- been rear ended really badly, once while pregnant, and once again, both years ago. Disks bulging and one cracked. Never treated.

Feb 25, 2016 10:06 PM

I was rear ended in spring 2015. I felt fine at first, but then realized I must have had a concussion when I slept the next day or so. I continued to suffer from constant headaches, fatigue, and whiplash associated neck injuries. The muscle issues in my neck have resolved.
And now still on disability (now long term) mainly due to headaches and cognitive issues from post concussion syndrome.
Reason why I'm using this app: I also started to develop numbness in my hip, as I favoured one side while lying in bed for so many months sleeping and headachy. This developed into what we hope is a pinched nerve in the butt, and not a herniated disk as we first thought.

Feb 26, 2016 1:03 PM

Glassback: I go to physio 2x/week
Active Rehab 1x and swimming 2x/week.

Thank you 7autoimmune and sharky for sharing.

I will write back after my doctors appointment

Feb 26, 2016 1:18 PM

Yes please do. I hope it goes well xx

Feb 27, 2016 2:35 PM

Crazywiki, I totally believe you. Auto accidents have been a curse for me. I've been rear ended twice, rear ended another car, was hit from the passengers side (bad!) that caused car to spin, and a very freak auto accident where my dad went over a speed bump too fast causing me to bounce up off the seat, strike my head on the roof of the car, head tilted forward to strike back of neck on roof of car and then slammed down onto tailbone in seat. All combined over a 15 year period, and my spine is shot. I swear I had a bullseye target on any car I was in! It started nearly 30 years ago. Oh yeah, I fell from a really high slide in 5th grade, knocking myself out as I landed on my back & breaking my left leg. And in 2009 I slipped on wet concrete, falling flat of my back & striking my skill twice as it bounced on the floor. That was the beginning of my SI joint issues with trigeminal neuralgia & sciatica. Red bullseye I tell you!

Feb 27, 2016 6:45 PM

Flappylady81, thank you for sharing with me and everyone.

Update: I saw my doctor yesterday and guess what? " You're still young and just need to continue with the Active rehab,Physio and keep doing your strengthening execercises."

Me: But Doc, I do all that I can and Everytime at somepoint something gets pinched and its starts to get Aggrevated. Something is pressing on my spine and its painful!

Me: Can you request another MRI to see if theres any improvement? Because it's been almost 2years and i'm still in pain.

Doc: No Mri yet because I don't see any signs of disc or neve issues. Nerve gets irritated once in awhile for everyone..

Me: So I guess we have to wait until it's really really bad before you do something? Thank you for your time.

Doc: I want you to get blood work done.. I will see you when the report gets back.

What was on my mind :WTF?!? YOU SERIOUS DOC?

story of my painful life! Wasted 45mins driving to doctors office and ended up missing my Active rehab appoinment.

I found a private place where they can do Private or Litagation Mri full report. I will book with them next week and find out whats really going on.

I'm so tired and sick of going to the doctors and hearing the same BS!

I have another doctor but currently away for 3months which sucks!!

Feb 28, 2016 8:56 AM

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who goes through this bull...

I have been rearended by a driver who feel asleep at the wheel going 60 mph while I was going 15 mph. I went home, laid on the floor but then couldn't get up. They couldn't xray a pregnant woman.

My back and neck were damaged. I was offered no treatment. . . . I didn't know to ask. I was 23. Aah, youth.

I still can't do anything that requires leaning forward, like sitting at a desk, washing dishes, etc.

Another time rear ended as a passenger at 18. And I've been sideswiped twice which gave me whiplash and . . . who knows what else. No treatment was offered.

Also I had my face punched and head slammed into a cement floor until I passed out and woke up with amnesia.

tt was domestic violence and I was embarrassed. I was 21 and only knew to divorce him. I did not know the long term consequences of my injuries.

But I've never been the same. Couldn't do my job and had to quit. Nobody told me about disability.

I wasn't told there was brain damage until 1987. I was never offered any kind of OT . . . so I just suffered along with migraines, stomach, neck and back pain.

I guess I have too many illnesses now to attach the pain to definite causes. - It clouds the issues.

I have IBS, Fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis in hands, feet and knees,, bone spurs, Plantar faciitis, bulging and cracked discs in back and neck, other knee injuries, vision problems.

Then there's the intermittent stomach bleeding (I've been hospitalized three times for transfusions.). And . . .

Severe chronic depression.

Both breasts have isolated pockets of yeast (diagnosed and treated in 1989 with antibiotics that made it worse.) It's not being treated because it that would effectively be a double mastectomy.

I need dental work that isn't covered and I can't afford on $730/mo. bla bla bla... I can't remember what else just now.

I'm very stressed and couldn't sleep because of live-in (grandchild) teenagers who threatened our lives because they got grounded.

And recently my primary care Dr said "but you look so good". Grrr...

Feb 28, 2016 10:29 PM

I know I'm late to this topic. Not necessarily "rear ended" but stupid accident, yes. Was in a state vehicle 12/1/2014. The front passenger side seat was not locked down correctly to the floor. The driver of the vehicle went to go accelerate and when she did, the seat basically collapsed back on itself into a rear wheelchair area, which is hard steel. Never had issues with my back before that. Now have facet joint arthropathy(L4-S1), a compressed disc at L4(which I'm refusing to do surgery on at the moment) and bilateral sacroilitis.

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