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Anyone else just fed up with the healthcare system???

Feb 01, 2017 10:30 PM

I've had chronic hip pain for 6 years now (I'm 22). I can't even tell you how many tests I've had, doctors I've seen, etc. I have been given at LEAST 5 different diagnoses ranging from sciatica to fibro. Finally this past year I saw maybe 4-5 orthopedic surgeons and went for 2 MRIs with contrast in the last 2 weeks. I've now been diagnosed with a labral tear in each of my hips. It took 6 years for doctors to decide to order me an MRI with contrast, 6 years to diagnose. For most people that get the surgery for this, they can go back to their sport after rehab. However my sport was gymnastics and I'll never be able to do it again after having to stop for 4 years. I'm just so incredibly frustrated. So many Drs I saw would say "your tests are negative so nothing we can do". Also not to mention, I had 26 X rays on my hip last year ALONE. never had any protection on my ovaries and I'm not sure what kind of damage has been done there. Sorry for the long post (basically just needed to vent to ppl who get it) 😓

Feb 02, 2017 10:08 PM

Had cancer at the age of 4. Relapsed 6months later had to have chemo twice and a bone marrow transplant among other things. Now in 28 and have multiple heath issues go to about 5 different hospital regulary for different things and i can have children due to cancer treatment. All the doctors know me. Still doesnt help that i seem to be a mystery to most and always getting slighty worse each year. Feel sorry for my fiancee when i think of what ill be like in 20 years lol. Already use a mobility scooter and/or a wheelchair. I suffer really bad like crying bad pain in my hips sometimes other times it is just bad unless im laying in bed with heat on it. I have osteoporosis and they think im getting arthritis or have it in my knees and hips but the hip only started to hurt about September-October. So im autistic, adhd, partially deaf, cataracts, mild heart issues, asthma, ovarian failure, underactive thyroid, carpal tunnel, rare migraines with auras, ibs and bile salt malabsorption, kleine levin syndrome, circadian sleep disorder, anxiety depresion and on growth hormone and hrt patches. Probably more i have forget but i chose to forget what i have and get on with what i can. Actually had urology appointment today, and yesterday i refered to another hospital regarding my hips. Having a lump removed of my chest bone in a few weeks when they get round to it and another sleep test. Oh well im now thinking maybe i should just move it lol. What annoys me the most is that my gp is the best expect for referals. He fucks up them. And between all the hospitals that all run around like headless deunk jellybabies on a trampoline trying to communicate over my medication and what not. And they lose my notes and teats results etc. Started keeping my own records now and demanding copies of test results and letters.

Feb 02, 2017 11:22 PM

Wow! That's crazy. I'm sorry you've had to go through all of that, it sounds terrible :( yeah I've noticed that all the doctors suck at communicating and one surgeon lost my mris that I brought them. My parents are always telling me to stop being so negative, but it can get really hard sometimes ( I'm sure you know all about that!) it just gets tiring of people who have literally no idea what goes on in the life of people with chronic pain/illness, judge you and tell you to get your mind off of it or calm down, etc. I hope your pain and illness gets better and you find some peace

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