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Anyone else using morphine for Fibromyalgia?

Apr 05, 2017 8:03 PM

After months of being in a permanent flare with no relief, I've been given morphine syrup to take 5ml 3 times daily. I do get short-term relief, but I'm worried there's nothing after that if it stops working. Anyone else using morphine?

Apr 05, 2017 9:39 PM

I tried Oxymorphone all it did for me was cause extreme nausea and vomiting with no pain relief. But also I have hEDS not Fibro. Curently I have nothing for pain even though I can't keep my shoulder in socket this week and it's killing me. Good luck.

Apr 06, 2017 3:59 AM

I'm very anti morphine.. its only good use is for acute pain.
Its not good for chronic pain. Eg/ one ends up in an addiction cycle with the morphine becoming less and less effective.
Subsequently when one reduces it pain seems higher. When its not, its the body (nerve opiat receptors) screaming for more of the drug.
personally for me after 4 detoxes over the years I seek alternative pain relief. I do use painkillers but infrequently. That way there is some relief and no addiction builds..
Addiction will cause depression to, as the pain inevitably will also... good luck.Gx

Apr 06, 2017 2:06 PM

Has the doctor tried prescribing other medications first? Have you been prescribed cymbalta or lyrica before? I would try the morphine if it is needed but I would take as little as possible. My mom has fibromyalgia (along with general chronic pain from many failed back and knee surgeries). SHe takes morphine 3 times a day. She has been on hydrocodone and oxycodone before the morphine. She is now addicted. Granted, anyone would be after pain medicine for 30+ years. She isn't a drug addict though. She functions normally and has a life, but she has always said if she could go back and had tried other options she would have.

Apr 06, 2017 7:39 PM

Thanks for the responses. I've tried 'everything'. Lyrica, Gabapentin, sirdalud, tegretol, oxycodone, amitriptyline, cocodamol, diazepam etc and even the doctors were getting desperate on my behalf. Started me on a low dose of morphine and while it doesn't take all the pain away, it allows me to be functional and get through the day. I do worry about addiction but being in pain all day, every day is more than I can cope with. I'm usually stuck in bed for days at a time

Apr 07, 2017 1:30 AM

I don't have fibro, but I have chronic pain brought on by spinal cord surgery. Have you considered a TENS machine? It helps me but I get skin reactions to the electrode patches.

Apr 07, 2017 3:35 AM

Nixie, what are you using for break through pain?
I don't understand the worry of addiction if it helps and you can still function and have some kind of a life, and you don't abuse it..

Apr 08, 2017 7:02 AM

I can understand the worry of addiction. However, like you said being in pain all day every day is too much. Just as long as you use it when needed and don't take more than prescribed I'm sure you're doing okay!

Apr 08, 2017 8:13 AM

I find the media has demonized opiates. Not everyone who takes them becomes an addict, but we never hear about the people who are successfully using opiates appropriately to manage their conditions. A person can become physically dependent on a drug without being an addict - there is a very real difference between the two. Pregabalin (Lyrica) for example, will cause withdrawal if stopped abruptly, as will most anti-depressants... Not because people are addicted to them, but because the body begins to expect a certain level of drug in the system and it reacts to not receiving it. This is physical dependence. Addiction is a psychological dependence. It's about craving the "high" and seeking out a "fix". Most people who have true pain don't get "high" from opiates unless they're using them inappropriately. While it is true that there is a high potential for abuse with opiates, it certainly is possible to use them in a responsible way as part of a plan to achieve successful pain management.

All that being said, I think that if the morphine works for you and you're using it in a responsible way, you shouldn't worry. Our bodies do also develop a certain tolerance to opiates, which means that if you're on it long enough, your dose may need to be increased at some point to achieve the same effect. This is normal and does not mean you're an addict! If the meds are working for you now and allow you to get on top of your pain and break the cycle, then it's possible the benefit outweighs the risk - and it seems your doctor agrees, having prescribed the morphine in the first place. The oxycodone that you tried is in the same drug "family" as morphine. If you did not abuse that, I would venture to say you likely won't abuse the morphine, either.

And in response to your concern about the morphine no longer working - there are different opiates available if that were to happen. Morphine is definitely not the end of the road in terms of opiate pain management. If it works for you now, I'd say that's great! I would, however, suggest that you discuss your concerns with your doctor and/or pharmacist. Pharmacists are SO knowledgeable and SO under-used. It's their job to be medication experts and they're a truly fantastic resource. 😊

Apr 08, 2017 8:43 AM

Nixie, I'm allergic to morphine, codeine, and a very long list of other pain killers. Because of that I'm learning to use various alternatives, suggested from others on our community family. I take gabapentin, at a very low dose (considered useless by most, 100 mg/day). But my body reacts to meds very oddly to say the least. I have tramadol for fibro flares. But after reading of others success, I began using vitamin supplements, D3, magnesium, & B9-folate (due to a gene mutation that affects absorption of other supplements/vitamins & serotonin levels). I try to fit gentle stretching exercises, walking or riding a stationary bike, and relaxation into every day. These have positive benefits on pain, as does getting adequate sleep. Unfortunately for over 3 months I've not been sleeping well due to pain and stress (family health issues & death), along with eating on run/junk food/sweets (I'd nearly given up altogether), and my pain is much much worse. There is no one fit for everyone, but try different things to see if you get any relief. It generally takes 3-4 weeks for me to notice changes in my health. You can still use the morphine if that's what works, but be open to trying alternatives. Hugs love & prayers you find the best methods for you! 😊💕🙏🌼

Apr 08, 2017 8:46 AM

@ notmyfault2, I am allergic to bandaid and Tens pads adhesives. Check around for sensitive skin adhesive patches and latex free patches; it could be either or causing your reactions, or both like me.

@ sa415, thank you for your informative info!

Apr 11, 2017 4:48 PM

I take oxymorphone xr and regular for breakthrough. Until they got the dose up a little it was not all that helpful, but now I can move! It has been very helpful for me... That is when people aren't asking me for it. I don't tell many ppl for fear of that but... It seems like everyone wants to be your friend when they know 😥

Apr 11, 2017 7:01 PM

Are yall sure you are not mixing up the physical dependence vs actual addiction when used for pain? There is a very real difference. Many people can't tolerate lyrica and sometimes cant use cymbalta and gabapentin doesn't work.
There are many things one can try sich as binaural beats, music, heat or cold, magnesium, stretching, antiinflammatory diet, vitamims and supplements, etc. I know it may not help much but even a tiny bit can help. Methadone can help with nerve pain as well. I am weaning off of percocet. The pain has been the same and not changing, been usinf my copper compression gear as usual ti try to help as well.

Apr 12, 2017 8:00 AM

When my pain is really bad my doc told me to take 2 aleve, a flexaril and morphine. Even though it doesn't take all the pain it helps quite a bit. I have a healthy fear of the morphine so I only take it when nothing else works. I'm also on cymbalta, gabapentin and have a script for tramadol and baclofen which doesn't touch the pain. The morphine messes up my stomach so I don't take it too often. Maybe 1 pill a week.

Apr 13, 2017 8:13 AM

Because I tried so many that didn't work , my rheumatologist took me off everything and gives me one pill for pain . I take tramadol for my pains and then use alternative medicine in between time .

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