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Anyone have a emergency pain cocktail?

Apr 01, 2017 6:49 PM

I was prescribed Percocet which haven't helped much and I ended up, for once, taking too many. I have 13 left and 10 days until I see my pain doc. Does anybody here have a tried and true mix of Percocet and vitamins, etc to get me through until the 11th? I wouldn't normally ask but I have important events coming up this week.. Please..

Apr 01, 2017 7:06 PM

I'm not on Percocet so I don't know if this will work but try magnesium citrate, a vitamin b complex and, calcium with vitamin d.
if all else fails you can do to your pharmacy and explain your situation and see if they'll give you enough to last until you see your doc.
good luck!!

Apr 01, 2017 7:21 PM

I don't have a drug cocktail per se but I have noticed that whenever I have intense pain I will strip down and jump in the shower and turn the water as hot as I can stand it. Sometimes the pain of burning flesh outweighs the spinal pain!

Apr 01, 2017 7:49 PM

I have all but the citrate, I do have regular magnesium which is oxide.. I did add potassium the last 4 days because I read from another sufferer that it helped with muscle cramps and spasms. I believe I have another leaking disc.. I have to suffer with all of my herniated discs because I can't get insurance.

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