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Anyone have problems at the l5 s1 area

Dec 18, 2016 9:59 PM

Was curious if anyone has problems in this area with pretty severe leg butt and feet pain.if so what helps besides narcotic pain meds.ive lost 100 pounds i stretch im 8 days cig free which ive read helps alot with chronic pain using gym hydro massage.anyone else have any tips etc.i was on alot of opiates now i take 200 mg of ultram a day and marijuana.which the marijuana helps the muscles issues caused by a scs implant put in.maybe a .5 to a 1 on pain scale reduction but it helps me sleep and keeps me from breaking..ive used kratom which works excellent but the state i moved to its illegal i can still obtain it but hassle to get im going for the more natural approach due to being a guinie pig for 11 yrs from psych drs to pain drs.any particular stretches workouts etc would be helpful b well n pain free โœŒ

Dec 19, 2016 1:08 AM

Do you have a tens unit? Those have helped me out alot. I have gotten one from my pain management doctor but I think that you can pick one up in like Walmart or online, it's worth the shot.

Dec 19, 2016 1:10 AM

The one i had was implanted in my back in 2011 taken out nov 8 of 2016 i see the surgeon jan 4 to go over mri result to see if anything can be done.

Dec 19, 2016 1:23 AM

The only other thing I can think of is maybe a heating pad or an icepack. Praying that everything eases up on you really soon! Love and supportive Hug's headed your way!

Dec 19, 2016 1:23 AM

Thank you i appreciate

Dec 19, 2016 1:24 AM

That^^you have a lovely day

Dec 19, 2016 1:25 AM

Anytime, that's what we are here for. I wish I could have been more help.

Dec 19, 2016 1:28 AM

Thank You SOZKI! I pray that you have a pain free day tomorrow so that you can enjoy yourself.

Dec 19, 2016 4:09 AM

Strengthen your core through back pain improving excersises. See Internet.

Leg raises, leg raises whilst on your stomach, ect

This will help you. Strengthen and flexibility.

Dec 19, 2016 3:07 PM

SOZKI, I've had L4-S2 issues since the 90's, following several mva's. It got really severe with sciatica a few years ago and I went through three series of nerve blocks; 1 injx every 4-6 weeks for 3 injx per series. I'm happy & lucky to say that since October 2014 my lower back has not been an issue (among the many other issues, lol). I do use a TENS unit when the muscles tighten up, especially on my upper back, where my problems are worst right now. Keep us posted on your MRI results. Hugs love and prayers you can get some relief soon! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒธ

Dec 19, 2016 5:30 PM

Thank you flappyslady you have a lovely nyt

Dec 24, 2016 10:58 PM

You can by having a herniation press against the spinal column in this area have the pain you describe. I would see a spine surgeon to assess

Dec 25, 2016 3:16 PM

For me it's been the small changes that help some. Like not having your wallet in your back pocket, sleeping on the side that is the most irritating, heat and ice. Mine is permanent since the 90s and how u do it without pain meds I'll never know. I wish things like the tens or injections helped me but they just made things worse.

Dec 25, 2016 10:14 PM

When you have that mri done get a copy for yourself and a copy of the written rport from the radiogist, not from the doctor. Ive found that the doctors tend to ignore half of what is on those reports.

Dec 26, 2016 5:14 AM

I also have a back brace that puts pressure over my L5/S1 area.. giving core support too... its helped me loads to give some pressure relief. I also do physio, acupuncture, massage therapy, tens unit 24/7.. i smoke cannabis for breakthru pain... i do pilates and stretching and core... yoga ball is great... and meditation learned over 15 years of pain.
I have lost over 200lbs in 5 years, (yes thats not a typo)... i can cycle on a recument bike... usually 10k a day. Laughter... funny pictures or videos posted here between friends... Dry needle therapy...Medication (cocktail) yes including the daddy of opioids Fentanyl... (my mris look like ive been smashed with a hammer in many places but the titanium cages look pretty lol)... and i take supplements eg magnesium375 tablets for one...
Kiesiology tape helps wonders, so long as its applied correctly... water therapy... rest... epsom salt baths... hot water bottles... time management and a tively reducing stress therefore reducing anxiety and pain coping. Music is a great uplifter for me too... this forum... friends i have met here are such a geat way to not feel so isolated and misunderstood. Oh and getting lost in my crafts... i have a little workshop for distraction... and PMA!


If u fixate on the pain... u will feel it 100fold more. If u let it overtake ur life... u will be miserable and feel more pain. If u can stay positive... then u WILL experience less pain. The brain is a wonderful organ... it is going to perceive less pain when u r in a positive frame of mind... and worse pain when in a negative state of mind!

Each little thing i do... chips away at my pain monster... and even tho not one thing cures the pain... they all add up to me taking control... and being the BEST me... i can be!

And i have Multiple Sclerosis ontop of 9 other diagnosis' all spinal degenerative disease and stenosis, arthritis etc etc!

Ive had 3 lots of spinal fusion... learned to walk again twice! Im not saying its going to be easy... but there are things we can all do to better the odds of having a betterr day... a better life... a better way!

Giving up is not an option ๐Ÿซ

Dec 26, 2016 2:53 PM

WHAT SHE SAID!!!! โคด๏ธ

Dec 26, 2016 5:03 PM

Yep, we'll said Lulabel we all could take some points from this. It is very hard to try to stay positive. The pain monster is a real bitch.

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