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Anyone in Scotland?

Oct 18, 2015 12:30 PM

Hi folks - I am Rob, a 57yo guy living in NE Scotland. I have Fibromyalgia, CFS, Osteo Arthritis and Chronic Shingles and Type 2 Diabetes. I've just found this app and am finding it very useful. I was forced to retire in 2006, however it took another seven years to get my work-based pension released.

Been fighting the DWP system now since 2006 - OK on ESA, but currently on my third attempt for DLA/PIP.

Medication wise, for pain I'm taking Pregabalin (150mg x3), Tramadol (100mg x4) and Paracetamol/Codeine (effervescent 30/500mg x4). My doctor (very suuportive) fels we are at the end of the road on pain control without heading into the much stronger stuff which I am unwilling to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Oct 19, 2015 9:15 PM

Welcome HighlandSniper58! I don't have the CFS, diabetes, or shingles, but I had them at 18 for 2 weeks, followed by 6-7 weeks of mononucleosis. I'm so sorry you have the shingles chronically! And I'm sure having to deal with getting your pension didn't help. Stressed makes shingles worse they say.

I am 53, from USA, and also have DDD, TMJD, osteopenia, pelvic floor issues, venous reflux, sjogrens & hypothyroidism, plus varying headaches and several other issues. I had 2 cervical fusions in the 90's which are stable, but the discs throughout my spine are collapsing, bulging, torn, etc. With the OA & fibro it makes it tough in cold weather (stiffness).

I have a long list of medication allergies, mostly pain meds, so I reserve strong meds for surgeries. I'm basically using Tylenol Arthritis, Voltaren gel, and Tramadol. I try to stay loosened up with stretches & warm showers. I use heat and sometimes frozen or microwaved rice socks. I'm also trying to walk on my treadmill 10-20 minutes, 3-4 days a week. I've learned if my body says "enough" I rest. If I don't feel up to it I don't beat myself up mentally.

I recently was sent to Mayo clinic (specialty hospital), for tremors, dizziness, imbalance, & memory issues. I have vestibular Neuronitis causing the dizziness and imbalance, but they didn't investigate the memory issues or tremors past doing "evoked potential" tests (checked for MS & Parkinson's- don't have). They wanted me to do a 3 week PT/OT rehab but I can't afford it due to hotel costs. But I saw my Ortho today and we start PT and OT here tomorrow. Apparently my body is totally deconditioned, since leaving work in 2010 for surgery. My point to this is that exercise is suppose to help fibro pain and help you feel better in general. So I'm going to try and gain balance, strength and conditioning back. I've learned to tolerate a lot of pain due to my med allergies. I'm being sent back to my pain specialist for epidural steroid blocks in my spine. I've had them before and it's been 2+ years since the last. Unfortunately my sciatica and headaches have returned. If you have not tried a pain specialist, they're very good pi of a support team. Not everyone has as good results every time. Once they did facet blocks and it was worse before it improved.

I wish you luck and know others have more suggestions. You'll be in my prayers. 🙏🌼

Oct 21, 2015 8:23 AM

Exercise - I wish!

I was formerly a very active person - hunting, hill walking, country activities in general, but I am now very limited in what I can do - very depressing.

Despite 10 years of trying to find a good pain med, I haven't got there yet. Currently using Pregabalin/Tramadol/Parcetamol & Codiene. Previously tried Gabapentin (caused limb swellings) and Amitriptylene (horrible - affected me mentally plus serious sleep issues). Really don't know what the answer is.

Oct 21, 2015 4:15 PM

You have a bit more to go befor you hit the maximum pregablin dose so maybe you could have a little extra help there, so maybe you have extra dosage available on your other meds. Unfortunately my other pain med is MST (slow release morphine) which, for reasons I won't go into, I am very reticent to take and am actually on only half the 160mg dose originally prescribed, which was 100% through my choice.

Oct 24, 2015 12:39 PM

I have thought of asking for an increase in the Pregabalin.

Oct 24, 2015 2:45 PM

Hi Highland Sniper, I live in North Northumberland, I have fibromyalgia. Have recently been put on 3 a day pregabalin but only just started taking them so am waiting for them to kick in, fingers crossed I get some relief! I currently have a horrendous pains in my left arm which is travelling from my neck down into my leg.

Oct 25, 2015 5:48 AM

Hello HighlandSniper58, I'm near Falkirk. Have suspected fibromyalgia but we're still awaiting further tests. Due to mental health, I don't want to be on any SSRIs or SNRIs so I'm really quite worried about what they're going to prescribe. :/ I walk for miles every day and am finding it harder and harder to stay motivated when some days I can barely climb stairs. As you say, it's depressing when you're used to being active and can't. I was hoping to do more hill walking but it's just not happening at the minute.
Lula, I've also got that pain going down my arm/leg/neck but it's my right side and the doctor says I've thrown my shoulder out and put me on naproxen. So it might be worth checking out if you think it's similar. Walking sends a jolt right up my spine to my skull every step.

Feb 11, 2016 7:17 AM

I have been to Scotland for 2 weeks a few years ago I met with some business people whose office was in Edinburgh right across from the castle.
I won to trip a years ago to go to Ireland and Scotland for two weeks every night we had an historian tell us a little bit about the areas we were at.
Thanks to General Motors.
However I live in Minnesota just thought I would say hi.

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