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Anyone tried the guifenesin tx for fibro?

Jan 19, 2018 3:22 PM

I was ill a couple of weeks ago and was taking a long acting guifenesin. I felt so bad, far worse than I expected. I ended up searching guifenesin and pain.
I have no dx, I tried to get help, but I was dissatisfied with the care and just don't want to go through the meat grinder that is our healthcare system when I doubted there was what I would consider effective.
My mom had fibro before it was named. I had a doc and I discuss if should dx, but decided no.
Well I found Dr St Amand's guifenesin protocol. So far it makes things worse, but it makes sense that may be how it works.
So I did not know if anyone had tried or used.
Please don't scold me that it is not fda approved. I understand the system, this is not a money maker, so funding studies are not going to happen. I read thestuff critics too. (But I believe most of health care right now is mostly about money, especially pharmacutecals.)
So i believe what I can test, and so far it is congruent with the claims in his book.
Anyone know anything?

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