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Are there any younger people on here?

Jun 12, 2016 12:01 AM

I mean nothing again anyone older, it's just that I'm 22 years old and it's quite hard being young and in chronic pain. What friends I have left are graduating and getting good jobs and I can't even work. They're going to parties and I'm going to doctors appointments. I could really use some support.

Jun 12, 2016 12:16 AM

I'm 45 this year but I haven't grown up yet does that count? Haha just kidding there are some younger ones around here somewhere 😜

Jun 12, 2016 12:45 AM

I think there are some on here as young as 12. Quite a few in mid 20's and early thirties. I'm 29 and I've had pain since 12 but it's slowly changed over the years and got worse really quickly at 18 and then again at 22.

Jun 12, 2016 11:54 AM

Hey, I'm 18. I definitely get what you mean, with feeling kind of left behind in life. I graduated high school last year, and while all my friends went to prom and went to parties and left for college, I sit behind, struggling to even support myself. I'd like support too, if you'd like to talk πŸ’•

Jun 12, 2016 12:04 PM

I'm 50 been in chronic pain since I was 22. There is hope!

Jun 12, 2016 12:18 PM

Hi Sambery,
Gotobef is right. There are young people here.

I'm 59 and have had chronic pain ++ since age 18. My friends all went their own ways when time after time I couldn't participate. I'd forget we made plans. Even forget their existence until one might phone me.

Jun 12, 2016 12:45 PM

Oops, @Samberleystevens, sorry I pushed wrong button.

I have had medical issues that caused isolation since I was a child (noone knew what it was). Been in chronic pain since age 18.

I am happy to listen and I will understand and believe you without preaching.

Illness ruined the life I was hoping for in college studying mass communications.

At 20, illness was beginning to hold me hostage. Then I was beaten about the head until i had amnesia and traumatic brain injury.

In addition to illness, at 22, I was rearended on the stopped freeway by someone who'd fallen asleep doing 60mph. I've had serious back and neck problems since.

In years past I've been dx'd with many, many illnesses that cause pain.

Please share about your day to day. Peeps here will relate.
Gentle ((hugs))

Jun 12, 2016 12:57 PM

I can defently relate. Im turning 21 in a few months. Had to quit collage 4 years ago. Ive been home since then.

Jun 12, 2016 1:37 PM

I'm 28 years old. Not as young as you are...but I understand how you feel like your friends are going to parties and you're suffering going to Doctors. Hang in there. Gentle hugs.

Jun 12, 2016 4:51 PM

I'm 37 now and had unexplained chronic pain start at 22. Somehow I still have to work on acceptance and not having the quality of life I had hoped for. I have been in so many PT and doctors offices, pretty much everyone discharging me bc their treatment wasn't helpful. It's a difficult road. It only makes it harder to compare to peers. Focus on what you need and try to celebrate your successes, however small!

Jun 12, 2016 4:57 PM

I'm in my mid 30s now but I was in my 20s when I started symptoms. If you ever need a sounding board you are welcome to pm me.

Jun 12, 2016 6:49 PM

SamberlyStevens, welcome by one of the momma bears! Lol I'm 54. My chronic pain started in my late 20's, but rapidly progressed since 2010. There are many younger members in our group. We all understand chronic pain, so you'll find lots of support here. Hugs & prayers as you find your best way to cope! πŸ™‚πŸ’•πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Jun 12, 2016 6:59 PM

Hi and welcome to the group. I have been in pain since back surgery at age 15, so I can relate. Like FlappysLady81 I am a Momma bear too. My daughter is close to your age. There are a few young ones here. Look up Ferritbandit, you can private message her. There are about 4 others I just cannot think of them right now. I am having an extremely high pain day. Urghhhh. Just wanted to welcome you to the group.

Jun 12, 2016 7:31 PM

I'm 26 years old and recently joined the group. I've had pain for 5 years. It started as a dance injury in college. I couldn't sit through my classes and took tramadol just to get through the day. I am sorry you are in pain, but don't give up. Keep looking for relief, you will find it.

Jun 13, 2016 8:18 AM

Hi, I I'm 21 and have been dealing with chronkc pain for the last 8 years, my pain was ignored as a kid so ive only been validated and working to find answers since 19. My passion is massage therapy and it hurts to do my job. You are not alone.

Jun 13, 2016 1:25 PM

I'm 15, yeah its hard to be young in pain

Jun 14, 2016 5:52 AM

I'm 17. It can be really hard to be young and in so much pain. I have been dealing with health issues since 12

Jun 14, 2016 6:09 AM

Ive been dealing with healt issues since 10. Ive gotten worse every year. So now im home. The pain centre where im under treatment wont/cant do anything for me.

Jun 16, 2016 6:52 PM

22 and just been diagnosed with "functional disorder" waiting to see a rheumatologist. My gp thinks I have CFS or fibro. I struggle doing simple tasks such as writing as my hand aches like I've wrote an essay! Constantly sleeping and tired Don't know what to do for the best!

Jun 16, 2016 9:28 PM

I'm 33 and I have 3 sons.

Jun 16, 2016 10:01 PM

Hi SamberlyStevens,
I'm 24 and suffer from chronic pain too (migraines and back problems). In Highschool and university I had to miss classes due to a migraine and/or back pain at times. Due to my anxiety and depression it took me longer than most of my friends my own age to graduate. so I do understand how hard it is to see your friends progress faster in life than you. It's not fun. It took me 7 years to finish but I just graduated a few days ago with an Honours B.A. and am going to graduate school to get my Master's. I'm sorry about your pain but hopefully you can find a cause and effective treatment (assuming you havnt already) :)

Jun 17, 2016 10:38 AM

Yes ive been using this app since I was 10im13 now

Jun 17, 2016 10:43 AM

I'm 19 and have been in pain since I was 11. I know what you mean with all yoire friends doing stuff. I had to drop out of school. I would be graduating this year. All my (ex) friends are driving and have jobs and are getting ready for college and I'm stuck in home unless I go to the doctors. Its really hard

Jun 17, 2016 10:48 AM

Ik how you feel it's getting now to the point in home schooled and I had to quit working , they had to fight recently in four for weed

Jun 17, 2016 10:49 AM

I'm 27 now. I was in massage therapy school in 2013 when I was 23 when I got sick. I already had juvenile diabetes but still had a life. Just downloaded this app glad they added a community πŸ’—

Jun 17, 2016 3:27 PM

Hi, I'm 20 and I've had chronic pain since I was 7 years old. It's so tough being young and in pain because no one believes you. I've been told by countless doctors "you're too young to be in pain" my pain has been underestimated by doctors so much that I haven't gotten any decent help until the past year after I moved away from home. It's so hard not being able to do the things I want to, I haven't even ridden a bike or gone on a hike since I was twelve.

Jun 17, 2016 6:57 PM

I understand what you mean. When i was first diagnosed with lupus when i was 25. It was a time when i was really enjoying my life. Had the job i always wanted (nursing), had a great bf ( well i thought so...), always having great outings with friends and family. I mean the perfect life of a young woman. Then i started to get ill. I ignored all the symptoms till my legs started to swell, i developped ulcers all over my hands and rash on my legs which ended me up in hospital where they found out i have lupus. Since then, i lost many friends because they ddnt understand the reason i cancel plans (only the real friends stayed), which are only 2 of them, i lost the guy i was with because h cldnt cope with the stress ( gettin m to hospital all the time, i had to quit my job coz i cldnt walk for too long so wasnt quick enough. I mean its life, u jst gotta look after urself and focus on people who really about u and understand what u going through. Eat well, take ur medication and have plenty of rest and dnt ever miss ur hospital apppointments. Once u do that, u'll get better. Gud luck n hope u'll b ok

Jun 17, 2016 9:08 PM

I turn 22 in October. I was just diagnosed in this past January. I'm going through major changes and trying to adapt to my new lifestyle. Its hard as a college student! Not being able to party and go out...no alcohol due to medication... Your not alone!

Jun 17, 2016 10:18 PM

I constantly think about my life before chronic pain. I was in college and didn't have much or any real distress. I should look forwards instead of backwards but it isn't easy.

Jun 18, 2016 11:03 AM

I'm 26 and dealing with missing life as well. sending you prayers and I found that going to a community meditation meet up helps me,

Jun 18, 2016 11:10 AM

Have you tried meetup.com. they have a group for everything and it is not a hook up site.

Jun 21, 2016 10:01 PM

You are not alone, I've been dealing with fibro. since I was 15. Now about to turn 21, I feel like I've missed out on not only my adolescence but my young adult life as well. I moved to New York last year, had to quit school and move back home because I couldn't handle the pain of getting there every day on the subway. Had to quit going to regular high school and switch to online school because of the pain I would deal with while sitting at the desk. We are here to support you in every way (: keep your head up and keep fighting. This is not the and of your story.

Jun 26, 2016 9:00 PM

I'm 22. My pain has gotten progressively worse since as long as I can remember, thankfully I was able to finish my university degree just before it went exponential...now I'm struggling to just barely work a few days a week... I can't imagine the rest of my life...all I see is pain

Jun 27, 2016 6:06 AM

I'm 17! Been dealing with chronic stomach pains for three years. I'm about to have my first surgery in a month (I've had so many other procedures done) so hopefully things will be looking up for me soon as they will for you

Jun 27, 2016 6:32 AM

I'm just turning 17 and I feel so young to be in so much pain. I can really relate to what you guys are saying about missing our I had to take a this last semester as a home schooler because I wasn't able to function there properly.

Jul 05, 2016 7:16 PM

Just 24, diagnosed a year ago after a lifetime of broken wrists & unexplained pain. Graduated Photographer that can't now take photos! Although just married & have a desk job I love ... There is light! Still in no way controlling my pain, & still got to work out the having kids part, but it's just part of me now. I won't give in, because then it's won! Listen to your body! I'm still learning but if my body needs to lie down then that's my day planned! Xx

Jul 05, 2016 8:02 PM

This is exactly the problem I'm having, also being only 22. I don't have the energy to hang out with friends, have no employment currently and constantly feel like a drag on my parents cuz of it. I mean, what 22 year old can't handle a job? I have no social life and so little support since very few are willing to take the problems of someone so young seriously. I get where you're struggling, and you're definitely not alone. We're all in this together (high school musical style l, of course), and there are more out there to support you than you may think. I hope things are able to improve for you and that you can go live your life! <3

Jul 05, 2016 8:27 PM

I'm 33, have 3 kids and raising 2 young grandkids. I have been diagnosed 6 years ago. It's a struggle daily. I understand the frustrations of being young and having something wrong people say oh your too young! Well I've had several things "young" people normally don't have!! Wish they would just listen.

Jul 05, 2016 9:45 PM

I'm 32. Do I count as "younger"??? πŸ˜ƒ Chronic pain is so horrible to deal with, especially when none of your peers experience it. I am in exactly the same boat.

Jul 06, 2016 1:19 AM

I am 14, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 10

Jul 06, 2016 3:43 AM

I am 21 and I have spondylolisthesis and have had 3 back surgeries and possibly more to come based on my current pain still. I have had back and leg pain since 15 and wasn't diagnosed until 17. It's insanely hard dealing with all of this at such a young age!! I hate it and I know others that are younger do too!! :(

Jul 06, 2016 3:53 AM

Hi. I'm only 25 and have been in chronic pain with fibromyalgia, anakalosing spondilosis and sacroiliitus since I was 20. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

Jul 06, 2016 4:56 AM

yo, I'm 22 too. Pending diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (type 3) and chronic pain sufferer as well. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with a terrible body lol.

Jul 06, 2016 5:11 AM

I forgot to add a bunch of other stuff but yeah.

Jul 06, 2016 7:33 AM

I'm about to be 25 on Sat. I've had chronic pain since I was 14. I have 2 bulging disks, bone spurs, DDD, and also spinal stenosis. I just found out yesterday that my s1 is separating and I also have a tear in the cartilage of my hip joint. It's rough having this kind of pain because most doctors when they look at at someone so young they won't do anything. They think we're just out for pain killers. I've had several doctors to get to the point to of where I'm at. I feel ya!

Jul 06, 2016 9:22 PM

I recently turned 15, and I've been having pain for almost a year. I haven't been to see any doctors for it because any time I tell my parents, they tell me to just go take an Ibuprofen. It's really frustrating

Jul 07, 2016 1:33 PM

My parents are the same way. Unfortunately I had to wait until I was 18 so I could go to the doctor's on my own. It's truly frustrating. They still get mad when I go, but they can't tell me I can't because I'm 20 now. It's always the same: "Take some ibuprofen and go for a walk." See if your parents will allow an annual physical; even healthy people need those. Plus many insurance companies completely cover one physical per year. Mine does, at least, and it's crappy insurance. When I was your age that's when my pain started so I slowly convinced my parents to take me to the doctor's, usually when things were bad or not going away. I also managed to convince them to buy me a knee brace when I was 16. It's hard because pain is usually invisible. So it's hard to convince others that you need help. I write letters to my parents when I need to tell them something important. I would try that. Explain what and how you've been feeling and why you feel this isn't something that can be fixed with an ibuprofen. Be honest and open. Leave the letter somewhere they'll see it or in your mailbox. Hopefully it will open up a conversation and the gears will start turning. Just remember that your feelings and pain are very valid and true because YOU experience them, no one else does. Nobody can tell you how you feel.

Jul 24, 2016 7:47 PM

I have been struggling with chronic pain since i was 10 so i feel your pain literally! Im now 28 and have two children under 2years and im sorry to say it hasn't got better just i have learnt to keep pushing and not letting it win for there sake 😐

Jul 24, 2016 10:53 PM

I've just turned 30 but have been in pain for 6 years now, I can say I understand the feeling of being ripped off..... No youth for me, it was stolen from me twice! The first time because I got married at 18, the second was my accident

Feb 13, 2017 1:51 PM

Hi im 26. Just found this app the other day. Ive been ill all my life but the last 4 or 5 yrs have been the worst. I had to drop out of college my senior year when things got to the point of disabilty. Youre not alone! Feel free to message me!

Feb 14, 2017 7:42 AM

Hi, yet another Mama who has been in pain from the age of 9 and diagnosed with Migraines. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in college at 19 but I squeaked through for my degree and managed to balance a career until CFS and Graves Disease hit in my 20's then I had kids and all bets were off! Lol My migraines went daily and I got cluster headaches as well and I was never out of pain. Twenty four years later I still am disabled and miss what my life might have been, but I'm here. Both my children inherited most of the same problems much to my dismay. They are being much smart about not abusing themselves early. 😘 Since immune conditions and arthritis run in the family as well, it all adds up to a great deal of daily pain. I think many of us understand where you are coming from and the grief you feel over missing the part of your life you should be living. All I can say is hang in there. You may not have that life, but you will have your own, and you can make it a rich and beautiful one! 🀧

Feb 14, 2017 7:38 PM

Hi, I'm 21, I've been suffering with chronic pain since I was 15 and just last month I finally got diagnosed with fibro. I know how it is I've lost most of my friends because after I started having problems I was homeschool, which was the best thing for me with all the meds I was put on I could function for more then a couple hours in between meds. Luckily now I'm off meds trying to find other ways to deal with my pain. But all of my "friends" disappeared when the pain took over. It sucks not being able to work and go out and have fun when ever you want to. Sorry for the long comment I just know how it feels.

Feb 15, 2017 9:25 AM

I am 16 and I have fibromyalgia

Feb 15, 2017 12:00 PM

Fiestypisces im so sorry to hear it but unfortunately i know exactly what you mean about losing friends when it took over.
Ive lost all of mine too, even one or two i thought of as family disappeared when i couldnt be like them....out and having fun and being young. They just disappeared and now my only friends in the world are my mother and a few online friends that ive talked to every day for years.

These conditions are not only debilitating in the physical sense but are debilitating, devastating and isolating in the emotional sense. Im pretty much a recluse shut in except for dr appts.

Im here if you wanna talk...i get it.

Feb 15, 2017 1:39 PM

You all might want to check on meetups.com and see if there are local chronic pain groups or fibro groups meeting once a month in your area. If not, try and start one if you can mAnaheim to get to a location like a library or willing local restaurant that will work that isn't expensive and has good ventilation. Or check into some of your other enthusiasms. It's hard to want to do anything when you're on constant pain and it sucks, but getting out and finding a few "big blue room" friends can make a world of difference. ( So speaks the woman who has very few! LOL)

Feb 15, 2017 1:41 PM

I'm 22 as well and have had chronic pain since I was 14. I was JUST diagnosed with a labral year in both hips. Sometimes it's frustrating because older people will say things like "oh you're young what do you know about pain" and people your age don't get it so when you're constantly seeing doctors or can't do everything they can do they take jabs at you. So I completely get it. If you ever want to talk, I'm hereπŸ’•

Feb 15, 2017 7:25 PM

I am 15. I have been diagnosed with chronic migraines, crps, endemtrosis(hope I spelled that right), I have problems with overan cyst but I been negative for polycystic ovary diese. I will be willing to talk of course out of school and when I am up in the afternoons.( I tend to sleep when my migraines get to the extreme)

Feb 15, 2017 10:07 PM

I'm currently 18. I've had pain since I was 13! 😩

Feb 20, 2017 12:10 AM

I'm 18 and have had chronic pain since I was 10. I currently have Osteoarthritis, Herniated Thoracic 8 Disc, Accessory Navicular Bone, Tethered Spinal Cord, Migraines and widespread pain that no doctor can figure out. I feel similarly to you, I feel cheated out of adolescence as I've never been able to do sports or been well enough to hang out with friends outside of school.

Feb 20, 2017 1:22 AM

Being 21.... Gotting sick around 15....

Feb 20, 2017 1:22 AM

Im 32 and yes suffered a long time with health. Pain especially. Everyone here know how you feel it doesnt matter how old you are the support here is amazing xx

Feb 22, 2017 5:21 PM

I'm 19, I have HEDS and Endometriosis. HEDS is genetic so I've been dealing with it since birth but the endo came along around 16.

Apr 24, 2017 1:13 PM

I have had this problem all my life. When I was a little girl I couldn't understand why everyone could behaving fun while playing soccer and all I could do was try to play the game without so much pain. I had many many years of this until I was diagnosed in my thirties. I'm now 60 and have had a full life of losing my parents when I was 12 and 20 then got married and had two ( beautiful boys ) then of corse had a divorce. Then I remarried and have had to spend the last 15 yrs (accepting) (lost my job) my limited life and letting my family know I'm not lazy and they have to (accept) that if they love me I can only do so much. I'm not wonder women and I need a little support on the days I can't do anything. They do tease me a lot but I try not to take it to heart (sometimes I cry) but I put my big girl patties on (lol they ate big) and (accept) this is me now and I still am a loving, caring, smart, beautiful woman and I also (do not feel) sorry for myself. When I stopped beating myself up about this, things got so much easier for me. Less stress. I don't like it at all but I will manage it the best way I can. I find my crazy cense of hourmore is what keeps me going. I'm always looking for funny thing to read or see. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. πŸ™ƒ

Apr 24, 2017 2:17 PM

I'm under the age of 15 and have been suffering for a while. I suppose i find it hard to try and think that I might be like this for a long time

Apr 24, 2017 4:19 PM

I'm 19 and I have been suffering with Fibro since I was younger but I have been diagnosed with it for 1 and a half years.

Apr 25, 2017 1:22 PM

Hello, I am 21. I have been in chronic pain since I was 17 due to an auto accudent. Found out pain was from a tarlov cyst, hard surgery for it 7 months ago wbich caused adhesive arachnoiditis and another taov cyst to come up in its place. Also been dx with chronic pain syndrome by pain management dr who was hell bent on getting me off of all pain meds and currently waiting for appointment with new pain clinic.

Apr 25, 2017 1:58 PM

I'm 17 and have had chronic pain for 7+ years. So long I can't remember when it started. I'm in the middle of a diagnosis but pretty sure it's fibro as my mom has it and reading through symptoms of it was so enlightening "Oh so this is all it was the entire time?"

Apr 25, 2017 2:09 PM

I'm 45 now, but have been sick since I was 30. Don't discount the wisdom of those who have been there hun. <3

Apr 25, 2017 2:25 PM

If anyone is interested, I admin a support group on Facebook, and it's for anyone who lives with chronic illness or chronic pain of any kind. The name of the group is "Coping with Chronic Illness/Pain", and you're all welcome to join us there at:


Apr 25, 2017 3:26 PM

Im 22. You can message me any time. I dont really have irl friends but all are like online because thats where im finding people i connect with.

Apr 26, 2017 2:25 PM

Hey I am 22 year old , i have a back pain since 1 year , so i can understand your feeling. It's hard to manage all activities with pain. And while it is at small age , then people is tount us for pain. But i would say that faith in God and give your best in treatment . ...

Apr 26, 2017 8:59 PM

Im 37...but cant work either....Still in mourning for my old self....Im always around if you need a pal hun!..Gentle hugs xoxoxoxo

May 23, 2017 4:43 PM

I am 24 and I have been experiencing severe pain since about 16 that I had attributed to what doctors assumed was a pinched nerve but the older I get the worse the pain is getting I can't do simple chores or participate in the daily life of my family anymore. I am considering going to a doctor about fibromyalgia being a possibility. I am terrified of becoming disabled due to my pain and it just gets worse everyday.

May 23, 2017 6:24 PM

I'm 17 and 3\4 years old. 18 in October, which is my medical condition awareness month. I find it amusing how well that happened.

Sep 27, 2017 5:54 PM

I am 21 and understand exactly how you feel. Im the ome staying at home while people go party and games and stay out late. It sucks and i hate being young and in pain. Sometimes i say i just want to be normal for my age. I have a rolling back pack o roll around at college and i take elevators because its too painful for me to take the stairs. I get really embarrassed that i am 21 and cant go use the stairs surrounded by older professors. I just want to go out and have fun without pain for one night. It sucks being young in pain.

Oct 01, 2017 11:00 PM

19, almost 20. I have a knee injury paired with minor plantar fasciitis. Been this way since I was 11. My boyfriend is 21 and loves going out on hikes and walking around for long periods of time doing stuff. Often times I'm in so much pain that it's difficult getting out of the house. I don't really have many friends anymore so he's pretty much the only interaction I get besides my parents and work. I feel bad because I want to be able to go out and do the things he loves to do but I just can't do most of them.

Oct 02, 2017 2:59 AM

I am 21πŸ˜€ I know what you mean.... I should also be graduating this year but studying is practically impossibleπŸ™ˆ pm me if you need to talk xx

Oct 03, 2017 10:04 AM

I'm 24, been in pain the past 5 years. It all started when I took sudden onset of back pain. Was diagnosed with transverse myelitis and the nerve pain especially is unbearable since x

Oct 05, 2017 5:08 AM

When I read what you say, it's like i wrote it myself. I'm 19 right now and have been unable to go to school/work since I was 16. Lost a lot of "friends" because they thought I was faking it. Why the **** would I want to give up my life and live like a 80 year old woman?!
Anyways, if you ever need someone to talk to. I'm here.

Oct 06, 2017 1:58 PM

I am also 22 years old. I have several spinal conditions, migraines, PCOS, and now possibly lupus or another new diagnosis. All my friends are working full time jobs and having parties and get together. I spend my time with my boyfriend, attempting college, and helping take care of my mom. It's a tough battle and it can feel very lonely. It's not like you can always go to a friend and they understand. I think the most frustrating part is when they want to do some sort of activity that you can't do.
Like I said, it can be lonely but I promise you that you're not alone. There are a lot of us there. ❀️

Oct 08, 2017 9:54 PM

Hey Samberly!
I'm Jess and I'm 25, I've been dealing with this chronic pain since the age of 19.
I am here to chat if you need someone to reach out to!

Oct 08, 2017 11:19 PM

Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum but am very happy to have found it! I turned 25 on Saturday, meaning I've now been in chronic pain for 21 years. I can empathise completely with the struggles of being a young person in pain.

I have hEDS and an operation for endometriosis last year has injured my lower spine, so I have multiple sources of constant pain. Trying to juggle my physical symptoms with education has been difficult to say the least, and I'm just about managing to study for my PhD in chemistry. Whilst academia is my strong suit, that's more or less become my life - I see people going about their daily lives, having fun, going out with friends, getting jobs etc and I long more than anything to be like them. Instead I'm generally cooped up indoors due to pain or crippling fatigue. I've recently moved back home to make things easier for me.

One of my biggest concerns is what I'll do after getting my PhD - I can barely manage working from home right now, so how can I ever hold down a job? I have virtually no friends because they all moved away after we graduated from uni in 2015, and because of my symptoms I struggle to get out and make new friends. It's great that everyone here supports each other - chronic pain conditions can make life very lonely and isolated, so we need to stick together!

Sending love, hugs and smiles to all of you.


Oct 09, 2017 6:13 AM

I'm sixteen and have been dealing with hip issues for almost two years now. I was a competative swimmer and my favorite stroke was breast stroke. The doctor said if I ever want to get back to swimming that I'd need to fond a new favorite. It sucks being this young and having to go through so many test and things.

Oct 21, 2017 7:16 AM

Im 23. I have exacty the same problem. My friends have practically abandoned me because i cant do the things they can. Feel free to message me! Always good to talk x

Oct 26, 2017 5:53 PM

I'm 14, I've had chronic migraines (I think that's what it's called) since last year, I have to be home schooled because the teachers can't control the kids, nor do they care. I completely understand what you mean about why you can't work, or have fun.

Oct 26, 2017 6:05 PM

Hey there. I know how you feel. I’m 23 and I feel so, so isolated because of my chronic pain. Feel free to reach out if you ever need/want to chat.

Feb 19, 2018 11:18 PM

Hi, I'm 16 and I've had chronic stomach pain since I was 10 and abnormal stomach issues since I was a baby.

You're not alone in this honestly, I'm glad you've reached out because it's hard to see anyone that's your age dealing with so much pain unless you're at the hospital surrounded by other sick people.

I get the isolation part, frankly I'm a week behind on school because of my chronic pain. Missing time with friends and sometimes family is hard because you really can't help it.

I try to see every doctor appointment and every procedure as one step closer to the end of the pain-or at least a more managable treament of said pain. Things will only get better especially with the amazing technolgy and medicine we have. I know it's hard because it seems like that day will never come but from my experience it's a trial and error process from figuring out your condition to testing out medicines that work or even if a surgery will work in the long run.

I hope you feel more connected with all of these amazing chronic illness warriors on this app. For me it makes my pain feel more valid, I hope it can do the same for you

Best of luck,


Feb 20, 2018 5:27 AM

I am 12 and I have had chronic pain since I was 5. I had a severe sprain / dislocation in my ankle and I don’t remember not being in pain

Mar 19, 2019 8:30 PM

I'm 18 and I've had unexplained chronic pain for 4 years. My doctor just told me it's all in my head tonight but she has no medical knowledge past the 70s so idk anymore

Mar 19, 2019 8:34 PM

I’ve had pain since I was 21 .... I’m now 33

Mar 19, 2019 10:19 PM

I was 12 when I first got on here but I’m now 15 almost 16

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