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Mar 06, 2018 3:55 PM

I am currently creating my pain diary to help me explain and show my GP exactly where my pains are. I sometimes look at my pain diary and think that nobody would ever believe the pains I have. I'm 25, in good health otherwise and I haven't had any other conditions in the past. One day it's my legs the next I can have painful arms and shoulds for a week. Followed by days of feeling fine then another few weeks of ever changing widespread pain, headaches and stomach issues. It seems never ending and the thought of going to see my doctor is scary for me as I don't want to be dis believed and I also don't want to find out that I have a medical condition that I am going to have to live with for the rest of my life. At the moment I'm trying so hard to hope that it will all pass but after over 6 months of symptoms I've realised I need to buy worries for the result. Anyone else had this feeling and can give advice? What was you diagnosed with or have you still not been to seek medical advice?

Mar 06, 2018 9:44 PM

I am 19 and currently living with an unclassified chronic pain condition, in addition to three different spine problems and multiple other health issues. I definitely understand where you're coming from. It's very frustrating to not have an answer as to what's causing our problems and to not have a treatment.

Mar 07, 2018 11:21 AM

My doctor don’t believe me when I tell him my pains 😥

Mar 07, 2018 11:52 AM

I'm 22 and have been dealing with chronic pain since I was 16. It took me 5 years to get diagnosed(partly because I take breaks from Drs) I know how frustrating it can be. I had so many dr think that it was nothing and it will pass and other ones who thought I was faking it all together. I keep a notebook with a lot of my medical information to give to new Drs. I keep the list of previous Drs I've been to. Previous tests they did(if you can get copies of the tests for the dr to see that's helpful as well). Things that have been ruled out as a diagnosis. Treatments I've tried(like physical therapy). And symptoms I can have, this isn't so much a diary where the dr has to go through a ton of dates it just gives a brief overview of what you have gone through so far. I found that most Drs I've been to don't question of I'm faking it as much when I bring my notebook.
If you find a dr you don't like for any reason leave, and find a new one. I know it can be frustrating going to a ton of different doctors especially when your not getting answers. I got so frustrated with Drs that every time I try to explain to a new dr what's going on I have an anxiety attack witch makes me seem a little crazy, but it helps if you explain that it's just anxiety. I would also suggest to push for new tests to be done. Ask your doctor if you could try blood tests, X-rays, mri's or ultrasounds. Ultrasounds can show inflammation in the muscles and they didn't do it till I was already in pain for 4 years and inflammation showed up in the muscles next to my spine. The ultrasound didn't really lead to a diagnosis but it was nice to know. I finally got diagnosed in November with fibromyalgia. Basically how they figured it out was ruling out everything else it could possibly be and then a trigger point test(they press different parts of your body and ask if it hurts) if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to who has been through not getting diagnosed for a really long time feel free to message me! I hope you get answers soon

Mar 07, 2018 2:15 PM

i am 23 now,amd suffering from chronic pain since 18yr......my school buddies were so supportive with me.....but my college frnds are not so much.....due to this now i cant share this with others......i am not so mich attached with my family to share my problems......everybosy here (batch mate) thinks that i am lying....very people are here to understand me....other think that its my exam stress...
i think this all thing making me worse...
psychologically also.........and after few yr later i realise it nd am starting to live as a brave ,independent girl...exactly like when i was before 18yr.....and now trying to ignore all the stupid comments of people.....but this happens only when there is no pain....but as my pain starts ....i feel like there is nothing remain in my life...i am burden over my parents🤐

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