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art i finished today...

Oct 23, 2016 2:02 AM

This piece took two weeks but it's finally done... I also finished another piece just needs a back ground. Did two smaller pieces for my friends baby's room... I feel accomplished and now in pain lol... That's ok had good day!!!

Oct 23, 2016 2:03 AM

Just needs background now

Oct 23, 2016 2:05 AM

My friends baby's rooms done nautical like old school whales etc so did this and the lil green whale I'm make whales of all colors for him..

Oct 23, 2016 6:06 AM

Love love your art !!! The whale is so delightful.

Oct 23, 2016 6:39 AM

@fogurl thanks, I am trying harder now, cuz I'm starting to get some meds back in my system not pain I got two days till I hope to get at least muscle relaxer... But it's ok I reallllly needed to push myself I been in a funk for a week.... It felt good I sat there for hours just going at it... I hurt now lol but that's ok it was worth it... Hugz ur face <3

Oct 23, 2016 3:16 PM

Awesome!!! I love them all... you must be so happy completing them. Thank you so much for sharing them and allowing us all a glimpse of your talent and the smiles you've put on our faces. {{{Hugs}}}💕😊

Oct 23, 2016 3:28 PM

Wow they are all amazing, my art is normally the adult colouring books. I find them relaxing when I can sit to do them if I'm not in too much pain.
You should be very proud of yourself for how marvellous your art is and that you've spent the time to finish them xx

Oct 23, 2016 4:59 PM

@Alwayzinpain I love sharing only if it makes any body smile that's what I do it for I pick pic for people and to see there smiles an happiness that's why I love doing it my friends on Facebook enjoy seeing what I'm doing next thank u glad to contribute a smile <3

Oct 23, 2016 5:02 PM

@Sezzy yea most the stuff I color is adult books but I print some stuff off pintrist depends on day I'm having some things on pintrest are bigger easier to accomplish I hate to set myself in front of some thing detailed that will make me feel bad I can't do it all.. So some days I stick to easy... But I have a crate full adult books I collect them lol every time I'm in Michael's I pick up a new one so sad lmao... I love it it does help <3 thank u hugz

Oct 23, 2016 5:42 PM

I'm the same with the colouring books if I see a new one I don't have and it catches my eye then I get it. I've seen one I love but didn't have my debit card with me at the time, it's a diary planner with a different picture for each week. I need to go back to get it but my anxiety hasn't been good so just leaving my home is hard let alone going into a shop. I will get there tho my kids are now on holiday from school for a week so my daughter will come with me......I'll probably have to get her one as well as she loves the adult colouring books as well! Lol
I'll have to have a look on pinterest, I didn't think of that especially as I use it to save recipes for low carb foods so I can cook them for us so my daughter doesn't feel left out that she can't eat the high carb snacks and meals since she was only diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 8 weeks ago.

Keep sharing your art it makes me smile to see your beautiful art {{{HUGS}}} xx

Oct 23, 2016 7:07 PM

Great Work! Lucky Baby!! Pain somewhat worth it when you can look back and see some accomplishments! At least for the hours of creativity, I hope that you were absorbed in your work and a little less consumed with your pain! 💖

Oct 23, 2016 9:25 PM


Oct 24, 2016 6:51 AM

Those all are AWESOME MizzMonroe! Excellent job! 👍👍👍👍

Oct 24, 2016 6:55 AM

Wonderful! You are very talented.

Oct 24, 2016 7:44 AM

@Sezzy oh yes now it's cheap cuz u have print them out they don't always come out as big as u like but a lot them are still worth it.. U have search all words tho like I do this... "Adult coloring cats". Or " adult coloring pages Halloween " I search thru what pops up save as I go... I don't know much bout pintrest but my sister taught me that lol... Yeses ma'am I understand that agoraphobia me too... One day at a time hugz

Oct 24, 2016 7:46 AM

@Mich60 this is what I find I get lost like Alice down the rabbit hole I don't think anything but that color universe I'm in but when I'm done wew.. Backs sore today but morrow I see spine pain management person I'm praying on muscle relaxer I need some thing.. Thank u hugz

Oct 24, 2016 7:47 AM

Thanks guys... I finished this last night so another one bites dust, but I picked one up three times more complicated lol

Oct 24, 2016 7:49 AM

I'm starting this one for a very dear friend of mine lovvvvves horses, I'm gonna go all fantasy world on it... Horse is already almost done lol.. I did it while Tree was trying catch up on EMPIRE he's behind I'm biting my nails like omg just wait u have not even seeeeen omg lol... It kills me made watch two episodes now he has last episode last season and so far all this season to go haaaaa... Love that damn show COOOOOOKIE <3

Oct 24, 2016 8:19 AM

I love coloring but haven't figured out what to color with. The last one I did of the fish I used those twistable crayons. I find the pencils just aren't bright enough. :)

If you live close to a Dollar Tree they now have the coloring books.

Oct 24, 2016 12:14 PM

Yea but there not same quality, I need thicker paper cuz I use liquid paint pens even thick paper books it goes thru.. That is why I try not to do too many on printed paper seems not look right think paper sheds on to my pens.. I use to use prisms color professional colored pencils there amazing vibrant colors but u need a automatic sharpener or they get chewed up.. And Crayola has some fun things like I loved there Metallic brand colored pencils.. I always pull what pic I'm gonna do out and put a few pieces shit paper under for testing colors etc that way I can press harder get deeper richer colors I also mixed n blended my color pencil colors there's slot u can do just gotta play. ... Find a few pics that u like but ur not in lovvve with so if they don't come out u won't be upset just try diff tech shade together diff colors use ur finger to blend them I love outlining in one color shading diff ones inside there's soooo much DONT THINK JYST TURN SOME MUSIC ON LET UR BRAIN GO AND JUST FOLLOW UR JU JU LOL!!!! <3

Oct 24, 2016 12:17 PM

Absolutely adorable whale! And I love the background on the "Be Sweet!"

Oct 24, 2016 1:05 PM

Mizz - I was just at Michael's. They had some color pages on stretches canvas for framing. Hadnt seen that before. They were on sale for 3 dollars.

Oct 24, 2016 1:58 PM

@FlappsLady81 thanks some times all blacks ok but some times I like to reallllly pizzazit up and the lady this is going to designs cakes n is super bubbly n colorful I thought it fit lol.. Hugz

Oct 24, 2016 2:00 PM

Yea mimikay those are new.. I was looking at those but soon as my benefits come thru and my lawsuits done I wanna heavily invest in painting n canvas painting etc.. We shall see lol cuz I can't draw it be a woooosa moment lol

Oct 24, 2016 2:00 PM

Oh P. S IM A MICHAELS WHORE shhhhhh haaaaaaa no but really they know me by name lol

Oct 25, 2016 3:24 PM

MizzMonroe I haven't used liquid paint pens....I haven't seen them over here in sunny England (love sarcasm!)....but I like to use gel pens and colouring pencils, crayola pencils, they have nice bright colours or steadtler pencils as they're good for shading and blending. I'm not overly fond of felt tips but will use them if that's all my kids have left me....they keep "borrowing" all of my pens and pencils then misplace them at school!!!!

Oct 25, 2016 3:48 PM

I had to go buy some ink and stamps for the cards the church makes to send to our shut ins or those who are sick. I really need to find somewhere else to buy them from. Michael's is high and also we have already purchased most of them. :) I thought 3.00 for the coloring pictures that were printed on canvas was pretty cheap. I would have purchased some but I really need to get caught up on quilting. Lol.

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