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At wits end today

Feb 11, 2016 12:08 PM

Hi guys,
Going to be a short post cause I can barely see. Went to the eye doc this morning for what I thought was a normal appointment. Oh no, nothing is ever simple with me. He noted that both optic nerves are swollen. They did an optic nerve scan and came to the diagnosis of papilloedema or basically increased csf pressure behind the eye. MRI with and without contrast on tap for next week along with blood work.
Also, they said the vision in my left eye has gotten to the point that I only have surgical options left. Yep, it's indeed time for corneal transplant in that eye but only after we have gotten the increased pressure dealt with. Just my (pardon my French) fucking luck!!!!!!!! Get over one hurdle and another one gets thrown at me. Just needing to crash right now!!!!

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