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Australian virus warning!

Jun 09, 2017 1:49 PM

Hi all,

I just wanted to warn you all, there is probably an epidemic of a rare virus circulating all across Australia. If you have ever travelled to the land of Oz before and got chronically sick afterwards it could be worthwhile investigating whether you may have an alphavirus called ross river fever/virus. Even if you weren't sick soon after returning home, the disease can lay dormant essentially this the term "viral latency", possibly displaying only very mild or no symptoms until you suffer significant life stresses or following prolonged periods of over exertion that leads to your bodies immune system crashing in a nose dive, when the body is no longer able to maintain a balanced immune system homeostasis and the acute disease stage re-manifests.

Even if you did get sick soon after the initial infection. This disease can in fact re-manifest. It has been shown to even display again as positive as if the individual has re-contracted the same disease, like a new infection. As the Australian government haven't yet got a full grip on the reigns surrounding this wild horse, sadly many of us continue to suffer with autoimmune like diseases. The apparent and obvious lack of long term studies on patients confirmed by laboratory diagnoses, has done little to aide in proper dissemination of accurate information surrounding this disease.

Following my own personal journey of discovering how to heal myself, has lead me on a roller coaster ride looking for the golden goose and I'm afraid this particular goose is presently managing to stay several steps ahead of me or otherwise it's practically impossible for anyone without the resources, time, skills and will power to get to the bottom of this disease. Which seems to be the case for many other diseases across the world. That is why I'm putting out a call to arms for all bethrens and foes alike, to band together and push our governments to all unite on the front of infectious and chronic diseases, to help us with our daily battlefield.

I'm an Australian, melbourne Victorian born 37 yr man. Have travelled extensively around the eastern mainland of Australia from when I was 7 yrs, travelled with family as far up as Cairns in Queensland down to Tasmania, also to south Australia twice. Lived around brisbane also when I was 24. Been to New Zealand and southern USA.

I'm part of a fb group on ross river virus and would recommend anyone who believes they may have contracted ross river virus to search us out on fb and join us in the good fight for recognition and awareness of chronic diseases in general. I envisage a mass global push is all that is required to force our governments to change the status quo. My group I'm part of specifically looks at ross river virus, though we do have affiliated contacts that we are forming to unite us all across the globe 🌎 as #OnePeople. I welcome any feedback and support, together we bet our diseases, but alone we will only suffer more.

The Australian governments in the past haven't particularly had the skill sets ready to handle this issue properly, there isn't even an organisation for this particular disease. Some people have had the virus for over 20 yrs and all it takes is a simple ross river virus serology to diagnose, however the actual disease itself is widely described as having differing complications by the various state and territory health departments. It's quite a sham, with no consistency and a huge controversial issue between those diagnosed and the government. I imagine others with different diseases may find similar issues in their own circumstances across other parts of the globe.

For those looking to travel to Australia. It is a great country. This disease isn't known to lead to life threatening injuries, but just be warned it can develop long term complications, as it's an inflammatory disease that wreaks havoc with the immune system. The majority of past research has mistakingly tried to dissociate long term complications from the actual initial contraction of the virus, however our small community has a number of members who were diagnosed over 20 yrs ago and not one of them had any follow up medical research or surveys done on them to track the progression of the virus and any long term complications. The disease was originally called polyarthritis and discovered in 1928, from there on it lacks any real and significant degree of thorough investigations and well thought out processes or policies.

It's been found in the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Fíji and Samoa to name a few. Basically just another pandemic secretly creeping its way around the world like Zika, because the medical profession don't have the skills to differentiate it from the common flu. Particularly when symptoms can be intermittent and jump out when conditions are ripe.

It can be quite tricky to manage for Australians, where the disease is said to be endemic. I believe I contracted it when I was in Burley heads in Queensland when I was 7 on holidays. As I get older, I have noticed the daily reoccurrence of mild symptoms, which I had grown accustomed to over time, however I've since had a eureka (Australian for golden lightbulb) moment and realised this is now my 4th major bout of Acute viral re-activation. For myself, each major re-activation follows significant stressors and over exertion events in my life, whereby the severity of the condition worsens by an unknown exponential rate the older I get.

Certain things can alleviate the condition, these range from anti-inflammatory foods and medicines (western and eastern sources, the latter is specifically medicinal properties of plants and herbal remedies). The key to managing the disease in humans is through creating a personal plan, tracking your symptoms and pain through a diary or phone app, being proactive during times of low immunity, awareness you are not alone.

To everyone who made it this far. Take care and stay positive or laugh while crying, it takes the edge off trust me.

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