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Auto Correct

Oct 08, 2016 8:51 AM

I am sure we all have our auto correct moments. Just the other day I was telling someone in a text message that I hoped her shot worked. Auto correct changed the o to an i in shot. Yikes!

And a few years ago I was sitting in a tent, it was October and my camping busy and I were the only two people in the whole park. So I was telling my daughter about listening to the Coyotes and wild turkeys. Just then a couple of ducks flew over my tent - barely missing it. So I was telling her a few ducks just flew over. Except the message she received didn't quite say that. Auto Correct had changed the u in ducks to an i.

What are some of your funnier auto corrects?

Oct 08, 2016 11:07 AM

My phone keeps changing and to abs. Which is weird because i never talk about abs. But i guess with the letters so close on the keyboard it gets confused when i use swipe typing

Oct 08, 2016 12:12 PM

Mimikay, that is hysterica!

Oct 08, 2016 12:20 PM

I was called into work on my day off and told my boss I was 'hopping' in the shower...so I thought. Auto correct has a sense of humor because what I actually sent my boss was-I am 'humping' in the shower. You can only guess the amount of harassment that followed. @Lulabel guess I could have warned you to grab waterproof knickers lol.

Oct 08, 2016 12:22 PM

LOL Now I know why I turn auto correct off!!!

Oct 08, 2016 12:26 PM

Gotobef, mine does the exact same thing... I just thought my phone was telling me something... LMAO!!! 😂😂

Oct 08, 2016 12:27 PM

LMB... you forgot to warn me as well... LMFAO!😂😂

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