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Back pain

Oct 20, 2016 6:00 AM

Hi I have had 2 right hip replacement now I need a l5s1 fusion , spondylitis fracture vertebrae.has anyone found relief without having the surgery procedure

Oct 20, 2016 8:25 AM

Yikes I feel for you! I recently (6months) tore tendons in my glutes that radiates through hips and right down to feet and have pars defect (fractures) and spondylitis in L5S1 that causes a lot of very low back pain. I have bilateral hip bursitis as well. I use a cane around the house and got a walker for walking anymore (I can't go more than a block). The walker (though it hurts my pride @50yo) helps a lot by leaning forward and taking weight off that area.
Meditative Prayer is my #1 go to.. not praying necessarily for me but for friends/family/ people suffering in the world etc. Not only is getting lost in my spirit an escape, but focusing on others is immensely helpful. Strengthening core muscles is huge so they support the spine and keep pelvis/hips in alignment. Planking 3x day (on knees and even just 10secs at first if that's all you can do) will be of huge help in long run. Calcium & Vit D. Magnesium (supplements & Epsom baths). Physio ultrasound helped but I've used up coverage and can't afford more. I tried lidocaine injections with minor relief. My chiro is fabulous ages release massage to realign my back/hips/pelvis. DH is great about rubbing my when my skin can tolerate it (burning skin is 1 of my FB symptoms that makes me saddest as I used to so enjoy a back rub ...sigh) My next thing to try is acupuncture.
It's a literal pain in the butt all the time... can't sit up or stand for long (it's getting better and I can do 1/2 hr now before right leg screams) I only can drive for 15mins. If I go out one day, I can't walk the next so I pace myself. I watch Netflix while knitting propped up kind of 3/4 on my side, and play phone games. I have to do both to distract me from pain and make the day go by. Heating pads and heated seats are nice.
I eat autoimmune paleo diet. Avoid grains/sugar/dairy/nuts/nightshades/eggs. All these things cause leaky gut and inflammation. This diet relieved likely 80% of my FM pain and I got off all but Gabapentin Rx. I eat tumeric regularly for antinflam/pain I preach it to everyone 😊. Just try it for a month...
I used to ride a motorbike and take my dog on hikes and beach walks all the time and I deeply miss those activities!! I have found a few beaches with seats near the a H/C parking so when DH or a friend has time even sitting on a park bench with a pretty view is recharging.
Gosh I rambled lol Hope you find some relief... I avoid Surgery if ever possible. I know it's helpful in some cases, but can make things worse as well (I sure did on my knee) The thought of spinal fusion freaks me out personally... so I'm jaded)
Take care and I'd love to hear what you've tried

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