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Back Shots and serious heart issues

Oct 10, 2015 8:18 AM

Ok, so my dad has been having trouble falling lately so my mom made him an appointment with his doctor who did tests and they found out that he has back issues causing his falls. They want my dad to stop using a cane and start using a walker. They want to do shots in his back but my worry is that it will have an adverse affect on his already frail heart. We almost lost my dad at Thanksgiving because of a heart rate of 200+ beats per min. And they had to put him in a medically induced comma because his heart rate wouldn't come down. He has been in and out of the hospital since then almost every month with his heart issues. Does anyone know if it will make his heart issues worse?? I'm seriously concerned about it and I can't be there for those appointment's because he lives 1000 miles away.

Oct 10, 2015 8:40 AM

Moparmom, I'm sorry your dad's having such issues. It's so hard for us to watch them become frail and unable to stay active. Does your dad have a-fib? I don't know about epidural steroid injections on a heart patient. It's a steroid and it can make the heart beat faster

My dad has A-fib and he's had several episodes of hospitalization or ER visits. He had surgery on his knee and it sent his heart way too high and he ended up in ICU for a week. They were going to open his chest and shock his heart to reset the rhythm, but another doc came on duty and they have him a trial med (sent from Emory university hospital. Since then he's had 2 more surgeries, but his heart has been stable. He found out this week that his hip and indeed sockets are bone on bone, causing him to hurt badly when he walks, so he's using a walker at home. The previous 2 surgeries caused him to have cognitive disruption after being sedated, which has triggered Alzheimer's. He talked with the doctor yesterday about treatment options, and they've opted for steroid injx. They did the knee yesterday, but help go to the hospital (OP) for radiology guided steroid injx on the hip. He's 85, and he said he only wants some relief from the pain, not a joint replacement that's going to outlast his life.

I'm telling you about my dad's issues because, if your dad gets the injx he might actually feel relief from the back and have less falling. When my dad felt pain relief from his other issues his heart rate became stable. There's a possibility of a racing heartbeat from steroids, but you should discuss any concerns with his doctors. Hopefully the doctor will be able to work around your dad's heart issues so there's little to no stress on his heart. You and your family will be in my prayers. (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

Oct 10, 2015 9:10 AM

Get him a walker now! That cane is not going to help any longer. They have ones with seats in them. I am only 50 but I use one because of back issues and MS. Depending on what is in the injection, and what the back issues are, I would take that information to his cardiologist and get his opinion. Then go get 2 more opinions. Then u have 3 opinions. Go with the 2 that have the same opinion. Just let the insurance company know that the extra 2 are second and third opinions. Cherish each day with him regardless. I lost mine 24 yrs ago and I miss him everyday. God bless all of you.

Oct 10, 2015 11:36 AM

They do have a walker for him now it's a rolaider. He has congestive heart failure of the worst kind caused by a medication his heart doctor put him on. Flappys, he has a defibrillator in his heart to shock it back in beat but even with that it still goes to high. I wish I could be there to talk to his doctors but like I said I am in another state. But I will be passing as much information along to my mom as possible! The 12th will be 42 years of marriage for them and I would glad to see them make another 40 + years together.

Oct 10, 2015 10:17 PM

Moparmom, it's very scary not being there with them. You could write the doctor a letter asking specifics, and have your mom take it to the appt, or mail it to him. (((Hugs))) and prayers you and your family. 🙏🌼

Oct 10, 2015 10:31 PM

Thank You Flappys! I never would have thought about doing that! 😘 I was so concerned about the adverse affect it may or not have that the simple things evade my mind! It's been one of those days!

Oct 10, 2015 10:54 PM

It's OK, I do that too...a lot! 🙏🌼

Oct 11, 2015 12:28 AM

My dad is 83 and Dr suggested surgery for hernia they say he had all his life and causing no problem then before doing it they said he had blockage that needed stints possibly open heart and the day of the heart cath tests showed signs of kidney failure so postponed. After several more Dr cath was done and Dr said no need for stints or anything. Dad had told all his friends family and store clerks that he really liked knowing them he thought he would die on table. He didn't want these tests done and told us in future he wasn't doing any. I would say talk with your dad and let him make that decision with you unlike us who decided for him. He told us he would rather be in pain with us awhile longer than without us. I would never forgive myself had something happened. God be with you in deciding

Oct 11, 2015 10:06 AM

Achy, my heart goes out to you! My mom had a stroke during a very stressful situation. A month later she had a heart attack. By a year later she was no longer able to work and if has to take over paying her bills. She went through batteries of tests over a 2 year period and then caught the flu, followed by pneumonia. She then became unable to get out of bed and pass urines. They did a test where they injected dye into the kidneys and the ureters were blocked with plaque. So the hospitalized her and attempted to stent both, but the left ureter and kidney had died (docs words), but they stented the right. Not even 3 months later she was back at the hospital having it redone.

All this time (7+ months) we are working, and driving every other night 3 hr to see to her, and her father's needs. He had a heart attack while she was ill the first time, saying he didn't want to outlive his children. He died 5 months later from CHF & COPD. The last 2 sentences he said to me were, "I'm roaming, I am Ferrell the fluid coming up in my chest." & "I prayed with a priest and he baptized me; I'm saved and will see your Naenae in heaven.".

Back to my mom's second hospitalization... She'd given me POA because she couldn't think clearly enough to make decisions. While at work one day I called to check on her and no one answered. I called the nurses station and was told she was in recovery. I remanded to know what had been done and she said a doctor has put a pacemaker in; she had CHF & COPD. After I got off we rushed to the hospital to speak with the doc, but he wouldn't talk to us because my mom signed the consent forms. When I talked to my mom she said, crying, that he told her she's due if he didn't do it right then. I'm thinking, " well OK, maybe they didn't have time to reach anyone else. " A month later mom was back in the hospital, crying she said, "That doctor lied to me. He promised me is get better with the pacemaker.". About 2 weeks later she was on dialysis, and she wasn't able to do her 2nd round two days later, so they postponed it to the next day.

In the middle of the night we got the call she was in icu and wouldn't make it. All the way to the hospital I prayed for God to let me tell her goodbye. When we got there she was not only spread eagle tired to the bed, she has all kinds of tubes inserted. I mediately demanded to know why, and the nurse said the doctor on call ordered it. I yelled at her that my mom had a living will on file with the hospital, and she specifically said she was not to be intubated or resuscitated, and I was her POA; and asked did I need to get my copy from the car. The nurse stepped back saying, " Oh, let me go check. " While she was gone I stepped to the bed and talked to my mom, telling her I loved her, telling her all her children loved her, telling her she could let go and go be with her mom and dad. ". The moment I said she could go her eyes locked with mine and the heart monitor started going wacky. The nurse ran into the room with a large syringe and injected something into my mom's upper abdomen. I asked why and she said my mom was having a massive heart attack and the medicine was to ease the pain. Mere seconds later she flatlined. I asked the nurse when she'd be taken off the machines and she said the doctor was on his way. She then suggested I go to the waiting room and they would come get us as soon as she was of machines. I then went and told my brother and aunt, who had already been in to see her but didn't want to remember her that way. Our other two sisters were not able to get there. I'm the only one left with such vivid memories. They wanted me to sure the doctor, but it wouldn't have brought my mom back. No amount of money would remove the memories & hurt, that doctors had misinformed my mom. Spending any money from a lawsuit wouldn't have been enjoyable. I fully believe what goes around comes around; do unto others as you'd have them do to you. I left it to the Lord.

I'm sorry I jacked this thread with such a long post. I told this story to hopefully help others know (if a POA) when to step in and how assertive to be for your loved one. There's so many things I would have done differently. I left out earlier that I called my mom's original cardio doc and the hospital administrator and told them under no circumstance was the cardio doc, who coerced her into the pacemaker, was he to ever treat her for anything or they would be sued. She suffered unnecessarily due to the pacemaker and dialysis. Her days were limited, and she would have died sooner, more peacefully like her dad (in his sleep) without those methods of treatment that simply padded the pockets of the hospital and doctors.

My mom died 4 months after her dad, in 1999. Of all my memories that have faded or partially faded due to age and fibro fog, I can remember every detail of her last 2 months up through her funeral. And it still makes me cry. I hope those of you who still have your parents or grandparents will research everything and know the pros and cons of any suggested treatments. Being a POA is an honor, but also a very heavy burden that carries guilt with it, questions of why didn't I, what if I... God's blessings on all who are a POA for someone! Do the best you can and that's all you can do. From my grandfather's estate, left to my mom, which passed to her kids, I used my share for my first year of college, where I became a health information tech (medical records). That's when I became knowledgeable about what was wrong and right with my mom's treatment. Her sister, my aunt, moved to a different cardiologist, one in an office with only one partner. My mom and Pawpaw had a different doctor every time they were seen (6) and every time the doc would change their meds, monthly. Crappy treatment!

Wishing everyone a good Sunday. Achy & Moparmom, you are in my heart and prayers especially! Let your parent be informed of the pros and cons, and support their decisions. (My mom wasn't informed). Love them and enjoy whatever length of lifetime they have left. Build good memories to treasure. I still have wonderful memories of times spent with my mom when she was healthy.
Hugs to you both! 🙏🌼

Oct 11, 2015 10:14 AM

Correction: my grandfather said, "I'm drowning, I can feel the fluid coming up in my chest.". Naenae = Mawmaw

" he told her she'd die" not due

Oct 13, 2015 5:03 PM

Okay, talked to Mom yesterday and told her the information I found about steroid shot, it would not be good for dad for 2 reason's #1. Is he is a diabetic and it would send his blood sugar soaring thorough the roof and we don't need him in a diabetic comma. #2. It would mess with his defibrillator. I called and talked to my cardiovascular doc yesterday and told him everything that was wrong with my dad and what they wanted to do. I relayed the information to Mom and she talked to Dad's cardiovascular doc and he said same thing. So they are bringing all those issue's up to his pain management doc when he goes.

Oct 13, 2015 5:10 PM

Flappys, I can relate to being a POA,I am my Aunts POA and I am very strick with her doctors and her and very involved when it comes to her health. I even look up medication interaction when they give her a new one. I talk with all her doctors even though she has some moments of clarity. She has 3 brain anurisums (spelling?) To top off her heart and diabetes. She is on a strict diet and fluid intake everyday she can only have 1500 ml. So I have to measure everything that is considered liquid.

Oct 13, 2015 5:10 PM

Way to go moparmom! I'm so glad you were able to find out that information and prevent a worse situation. Keeping you in my prayers. 🙏🌼

Oct 13, 2015 5:18 PM

Thank you Flappys, I guess it has become habit for me.

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