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Bad leg pain

Feb 10, 2016 5:15 PM

I'm sorry to be posting another question but a couple of days before Christmas I fell on my marble floor that's on my indoor porch. (Which I don't know why the previous owner put marble on a porch because when it gets wet you will slip and fall very easy). Anyway my right knee is my worst knee and when I fell I was hurting in a couple of places but my whole right leg bent behind me and to me that was the worst part I was hurting. I went the urgent care and they took X-rays of everything and nothing was broken. Long story short it's months later and my right leg pain has gotten worse and my knee is back swollen. But that is nothing unusual because it flares up sometimes. But my leg hurts on the back all the way up my leg. All thru the night I wake up in pain and have to stretch it out. I need a brace to keep it stretched because when I bend it the pain is just too much. I'm already tired of doctors because I don't have insurance they don't do anything. My primary Doctor won't even prescribe Motrin 800 for me. I'm just overwhelmed finding out that not only do I have lupus I have Sjögren's syndrome and fibromyalgia. My family misses me at weekend get togethers and say I don't come out anymore. My friends miss me and it seems once a week a new medicine is added that suppose to help but not right away. I can barely walk and I need and MRI on my back because it's constantly cracking. My mom has fibromyalgia herself and tells me push thru the pain and she is suppose to watch my niece but makes me do it. My gynecologist is the only one that prescribes me pain meds which she gives me percocets but it's never enough. And when I do have them it takes my pain away a little bit where I can watch my niece who is about to turn 2. And I can help with my aunt who is 2 years younger than me but was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and is cognitively slow. She had 2 daughters, one is in college and the other is 3 years old. She is actually on my Dads side of the family and even though my parents have been divorced for over 20 years my mom was the only person to step up and take my aunt and her 2 daughters in so that the youngest didn't have to go in foster care. My mom literally had to beg the social worker to release them to my dad and then she had to drive from NC to our hometown of Philadelphia. I was not blessed to have kids because my Fallopian tubes were badly scarred and the only way I could get pregnant want in vitro. I just found this out 3 years ago when they removed my Fallopian tubes. It's ok because my I have a 12 year old daughter who I adopted and took care of since she was 2 weeks old. So I feel obligated to help my mom as much as I can which I have moved in with them and we decided to move into my house out here in the country. It's bigger than my moms and we want the kids raised in the country next to all our other family. Now here it is I have taken care of other people children family and not family helping them thru hard times and keeping their kids out of the system on top of working with children for 18 years till I got sick. I have a bachelors degree in Birth-Kindergarten education. It makes no since that I can't get Medicaid, good thing my lawyers office contacted me 30months ago when primary Doctor pulled me out from working. I was living in Raleigh with my best friend and we had our little family. He actually had a baby boy who moved in with us and everyone said that he was my miracle baby because he came after my surgery and was the boy I always wanted. On top of my best friend ad also adopted my daughter and his older kids called me their stepmom and still do even though I had to move back home. The first year I stayed there because I had short term disability for my job and my job gave me unemployment. I actually brought home more money than working. Now I have no income, my family is not together, the kids miss the family we created they say weekend visits not enough. I can't make their favorite meals anymore. I'm just stuck in the house watching a 2 and 3 year old. Also my aunt is like another child because of her being cognitively slow. It's just so hard hurting all the time and now I'm on seroquel, buspar, cymbalta, and remeron for all my anxiety and depression. And I am getting help for most of my prescriptions but I'm off my cymbalta because they ordered a 3 month supply and the pharmacy is out of it and I feel like I'm withdrawing from it. All I can do is wait for my 90day supply now. I got off topic and needed to vent I guess but back to my leg. If someone could suggest what might be wrong with it or something I can tell the urgent care to get them to help it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for venting and telling my life story, I'm pretty sure nobody will read my long post but those that do thank you. I'm just feeling blessed to know I'm not crazy and there are people suffering just like me and I'm not alone. Also how can I tell if I'm having a fibromyalgia flare? What are the signs? I don't know what the signs are for lupus flare or a Sjögren's flare. I do think I have a Sjögren's flare because my nose has little sores developing on the inside and right on the outside of it. I thought it was dry skin and scratched it and it bleed. Ok I'm done.

Feb 10, 2016 6:52 PM

Well first dont feel bad. There is no limit on the amount of post yiu up. I put up several post at time . as far as how u can tell if your haveing a fibro flare. It depends on the person. If your pain spikes for no apparent reason that coukd be a flare as far as Lupus and sjogrens flares I'm not sure. I've been diagnosis with inactive Lupus so I'm new to this all.

Feb 10, 2016 8:11 PM

Me too and it's just not enough info on fibromyalgia at all. Thanks fibroGirl you have helped me more than you know. I have read other post of yours that other people may ask something. It feels good that we are in the fight together. What do you do when it's a fibro flare

Feb 10, 2016 8:29 PM

Thank you painedlady.. Most people here just call me new. Since another member has the tag fibrogirl.. Just FYI..ha.. But as for the flares.for me all I can do is medicate every four hours and rest. And I don't know why but when I'm having a really bad day I crave tomatoes and tomato's sauce.

Feb 10, 2016 8:57 PM

Oh ok well I don't get anything but tramadol and that doesn't work at all for me but I also don't have any cymbalta because I get most of my medication from a patient assistance program at my health department. And certain ones they can order a 90day supply at a time for you and cymbalta is one of them but the pharmacy was out where they didn't have anymore till mines come in. But I'm not complaining cause they give me Prilosec, synthroid, cymbalta, seroquel, buspar, and remeron for free. And the synthroid, cymbalta and remeron are the ones they can get a 90 day supply of. I have to get my plaquenil, neurontin, and tramadol on my own. I'm trying to find a patient assistance program for the seroquel cause it cost $120 for a months supply. My dad paid for it because it's important to treat my lupus and Sjögren's syndrome. I found 2 places but both said they don't give out the plaquenil anymore. It takes 3-6months before I even feel any relief, so I have to find something. I'm praying that march 1st my hearing goes well and I get disability. Then I will have the insurance to get my meds.

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