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Bad news from my dentist

Dec 23, 2016 6:09 PM

In the beginning of December a small piece of a tooth broke of during lunch.. I had to go to a new dentist(i was out of town) to fix my tooth same day and this dentist told me to go to my dentist at home as soon I get home.
22.december had I my appointment with my dentist. After the x-ray she was shocked and asked me if I have been checked for sjogrens syndrom.. Because since march have my teeth health turn really bad. From just some few miniature holes to several holes that needs treatments in total 8 teeth in 9 months.. 😨😣
It might sound like I don't take care of my teeth, but I really do. My dentist told me that this has to do with something else than poor hygiene. This is really not normal at all..
In Norway you get health care for free(but you can buy from private hospitals/clinics too), but teeth are not covered.
You can apply for some refund if it is a good medical reason, witch I have(it is really hard to get). Thank God for that...! I could get even more refund if I had a diagnosis as sjogrens, sle or other illness with dry mouth as a symptom..
Without my refund the price for treatments for the next 2 months would end on more than 13,000 NOK/ 1,432 USD... 😖 With refund I have to pay 4,550 NOk / 500 USD
I am on welfare because of my health issues...

Have anyone else experienced something like this?

Should I ask my dentist for a statement to give to my doctor who can send it to ward of rheumatology where I am waiting for an appointment ?

Do anyone have some other tips?

Dec 29, 2016 3:45 PM

IceAki, you should ask your dentist to provide detailed info to your primary physician, and rheumatologist if you have one. If they haven't done so, they should send you for an oral biopsy to make sure it's sjogrens. I was dx in 2015 by an oral biopsy. Later after researching the topic, I realized I've suffered sjogrens symptoms for over 10 years. My dentist checks me every 6 months. Hugs love and prayers, because I understand how worrisome the expense for care can be. 🙂💕🙏🌸

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