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Been away for an eternity, but been trying to fight hard

Nov 29, 2015 5:08 PM

Was sent back to work. For those who know I have been fighting my employer of over 13 years for the past 9 years for my ADA, FMLA and even basic sick leave rights will know being "asked" back was a mixed blessing.
It was supposed to mean an end to constant eviction notices and paychecks that weren't quite right since they threw me out of my office back in April they never really paid me the correct amount and they had previously NEVER followed through on a acomodation.
I went back and at the same time have a continuing case through my union that had reacted mediation. They rejected the mediator's lenient proposal for them, he actually, although supposed to remain neutral ended up very much on our side and disgusted by what has been happening. At their rejection he warned them again that they were even more open now for me to receive more compensation and damages from them as well as file my own case. Which he advised me to do in private. My union case it moving up, and I am headed to the EEOC. But privately at work my new boss was a friend which helped, and I tried very hard to get as much time in as I could to get a bit of savings. HR just sent me a new letter saying they "cannot accommodate" me and that my hearing is on December 8th. Just before my next paycheck. The last of the year. I'm fairly certain they are moving for dismissal. I received this the same day I was also told it was "best" I consider "the surgical option" to curing my endometriosis and remove my ovaries and uterus. The ob/gyn telling me this had 0 bedside manner at all as I am still fairly young, would like to at least consider children with my partner (who was not there), and delivered this bombshell as if it was the most normal conversation to have with anyone. I don't take ANY surgery lightly, but certainly not one to alter the entire hormonal makeup of my body for the rest of my life, not to mention the other implications.
This past week my (very old) cat died, and my parents decided to move and are "downsizing" which is a cute word for selling of family antiques etc... That due to my current situation I can't take. Add in the job and Dr. and I feel like I'm losing everything. I just successfully completed 6 months of IC instillations, but now my other pelvic pain is so bad I can't walk. Plus I haven't been able to eat for over two weeks due to nausea etc... From a bad migraine episode. I don't know what to do!

Nov 29, 2015 5:40 PM

Wynn I'm sorry life is kicking you in the teeth! I hate it when everything is unraveling. I have had a hysterectomy for endometriosis but that was after my two kids were born. I had polycystic ovarian disease prior to having kids and it took me 5 yrs to get pregnant with my daughter. Maybe a new OB/Gyn would be if not more helpful, at least more considerate of your feelings and hopes. I was lucky, my OB/Gyn was tough but was kind at the same time. I don't understand these docs who treat people with little or no regard for their feelings. Praying for you and sending hugs!

Nov 29, 2015 7:41 PM

I'm glad to hear from you, so sorry so much is happening all at the same time. Docs can be too comfortable discussing sensitive topics sometimes, like maybe they forget we are human too.

Nov 29, 2015 9:32 PM

Wynnbliss, I'm sorry you are still fighting with the employment issues. Whether or not they terminate you on the 8th, I'm praying the outcome will be a huge blessing in disguise. As for the obgyn's comment and decision, get a second opinion. Find a specialist who treats cystic problems if you can. I have a Urogynecologist because of my IC & OAB, pelvic floor congestion and pelvic floor dysfunction. You're in my thoughts and prayers! (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

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