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Apr 30, 2016 9:57 PM

I ran across a magazine that I have I enjoyed the information and plan to share it with others. As well as get a subscription. Wonder if anyone else is a subscriber....PAIN PATHWAYS? Good articles for pain suffers and caregivers.
Are there other magazines and resources that are informative? I know websites have often been shared previously. 🤓 📚

May 01, 2016 8:42 AM

Mysisterskeeper, Is this an online magazine or traditional? I joined the Sjogrens Foundation, and they mail out info from national meeting and events. I also enjoy reading the Arthritis Today magazine when I find it in a doc office, but it focuses more on RA, which I don't have. Thank you for sharing. 🙂💕🙏🌼

May 01, 2016 11:09 AM

This is a traditional but provides a lot of On line information. I forgot about Arthritis Today. Thank you.🎈🎯📚

May 01, 2016 11:46 AM

MySistersKeeper that sounds like a good magazine to subscribe to. I'll have to look it up and check into getting a subscription myself. It's worth seeing what is out there for pain that maybe my pain management doctor hasn't told me about. The more we know, the more we can ask our doctors to find out what they can do to help us feel better. Just one more way to be your own advocate!! Thanks for sharing. {{{Hugs}}} 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

May 05, 2016 6:37 AM

I was given a book at the pain clinic I visited today called REWIRE YOUR PAIN an evidence-based approach to reducing chronic pain. It provides practical strategies to manage chronic pain. Written by Dr Stephanie Davies in Australia. I think it has some really sensible ideas and information that can be used by anyone with chronic pain.

Oct 05, 2016 10:58 PM

Right now I'm reading "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia Fatigue" by R. Paul Amand M.D.
So far I'm just through the first chapter and I'm like that's me, oh that's me... Let you know more as I read!

Oct 05, 2016 11:15 PM

Has anyone read the Fibromyalgia and Myofascia Syndrom : A survivors guide. (at least I think that's what it's called) by Devin Starlanyl?

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