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broken tooth

Jan 18, 2016 7:53 PM

My wisdom tooth broke today. Right across the nerve. I'm in all kinds of excruciating pain. Dentist didn't call me back so now I hafta wait till tomorrow. Any ideas other than shooting myself to stop the hurt??

Jan 18, 2016 10:30 PM

Phoenix, believe it or not, you can go to the ER and they have the ability to take care of oral surgery issues when you break a tooth down to the gums and can't get s dentist and are in such excruciating pain. The only other suggestion I have is to call your dentist emergency number and ask them exactly what to do to get you through the night until they can see you. But, if the pain is that excruciating I would take room temperature bourbon or whatever kind of whisky you have and hold it in your mouth over that tooth.... The alcohol should numb the pain down for a while. Sending you gentle {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you get relief fast.πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Jan 19, 2016 12:32 AM

The pain seems to have died a bit.... With all the meds I'm on, I'm surprised it lasted this long. The reason it hurt so bad at first, I think, was because I was trying to feel how damaged it was and hit the exposed nerve with my fingernail. I've never whited out before, but that's exactly what it was like. Like my brain filled with static and everything went white!!!! Omg it hurt so bad. The maxiofacial surgeon never called back. Gonna try again tomorrow. I really hope they can just yank it. It's not down to the gum line, just the outside through the middle. Thank you for your ideas, Alwayz, I really appreciate them. Gonna go back to unconscious-land for a while. It's nice there. Gentle hugs!!❀

Jan 19, 2016 7:26 AM

I'm glad that it doesn't hurt as badly and that you're able to sleep. I'm glad for you that it didn't break down to the gym line. That's what my teeth did. Keep us posted as to how you're doing. By the way, they always pull broken wisdom teeth. I've never, ever heard of a dentist putting a crown on a broken wisdom tooth. {{Hugs}} πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Jan 19, 2016 5:24 PM

I've had many teeth to break off as well!! I wonder if this is related to Fibro?? Painful, I know!

Jan 19, 2016 6:20 PM

Clove oil, it really helps. I had a family member ignore a cavity that got worse. So they took an allergy syringe bent the needle to be able to aim the oil to the affected area and spray some clove oil on the tooth, I was told it numbed the whole tooth. Hope this helps you. Clove oil is very strong I would NOT try to just swish it in the area.

Jan 20, 2016 3:28 AM

The dentist I was trying to go to called back.... He's booked thru February. Ugh.... so now I have to try and find a new one. Searched for emergency dentists, so far, no luck. Gonna try again today. Pain is back. Sang think of anything else. Sucks so bad!!!!!!

Jan 20, 2016 7:26 AM

I use a strong salt wash to rinse it out with it makes it throb a little but then dies off also as someone suggested earlier a alcohol, pref whiskey, scotch or brandy type, place an alcohol filled cotton wool ball on the area. Hope you get it sorted real soon hun. Hope you manage to get another dentist to see yoku asap. You can also in england not sure where you are buy a temporary filling kit in the pharmacist you just mix a small amount of the two products together and place it okn a dry tooth area that's left, simple to use and stops the nerves being exposed until toj can see a professional ,🌻

Jan 20, 2016 4:51 PM

I got in to see a dentist today. They were so awesome. Couldn't prescribe me any pain meds, cuz I already take a higher dose than they prescribe, but they did xrays. Then they called all their contacts and got me an appointment for a consult and extraction tomorrow!! They could have done it themselves, but I'd have had to wait until Monday and with the snow coming this weekend it might have even been longer. So they were really awesome! Gonna take my antibiotics and go to sleep now. Gentle hugs!!!

Jan 20, 2016 4:53 PM

Glad you got it looked at and getting it fixed

Jan 21, 2016 12:08 PM

Phoenix I am so glad that you got into the dentist and they were kind enough to get you an appointment for tomorrow. May it go smoothly and you have no discomfort. Make sure to ice your face when you get home. {{{Hugs}}} πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Jan 21, 2016 9:05 PM

Ouch!!! How terrible! My crown popped it over the weekend it thankfully it was from aroot canal tooth so no pain. I pray you got the tooth pulled and are healing safely and snug in your bed! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

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