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Busy day now knackered!

Feb 09, 2017 2:59 PM

I had 3 back to back appointments today and I'm knackered but they were all ok.

First was my 4 weekly appointment with my mental health nurse. She was pleased that I had tried to attempt to reduce my morphine (even tho I couldn't!), as it means I want to move forward and not stay stuck where I am (who in their right mind would want to stay stuck like this?) and try different things to help myself and not just use the medical model but also alternative therapies as well....I also have Reiki every 4 weeks as well. he talked about the "yes bell".
She spoke about the "Yes Bell" saying that most women when asked to do something automatically say yes and with that yes a little bell rings in our heads which releases dopamine so we feel good for saying yes then reality sinks in afterwards which wipes out the feel good dopamine. I struggle to say no to anyone and I enjoy helping people but I say yes to my own detriment!
We discussed what to say instead of saying yes....what she suggested was to say
...."can I think about that? and come back to you?"....
Then go to the toilet or somewhere else so you can think things thro instead of saying yes then realising what they want isn't possible or will make you very stressed. Think is it possible for when they want and if not then come up with a solution....if they want you to pick up some shopping tomorrow then bring it to them at a certain time.... you can get their shopping but you can't get it to them in time A but you can an hour later or earlier and give them those options. Not only should it help you be less stressed but it also leaves you feeling in control. And if you can't possibly do what they want then it's ok to say NO .... I think this will help me quite a lot actually but it's making sure I think of it before I open my mouth and say yes!!! Lol
I'm booked in to see her in 4 weeks time.

My next app was with the citizens advice to go thro a few bits before my tribunal in 2 weeks. The tribunal itself is going to be stressful as there will be 3 or 4 people sat on one side of the table with me and the CAB adviser on the other side and they'll basically ask me about my work capability and such. I'm worried about it as anyone would be but I'll have my fingers crossed.
As I have an appointment with my Dr tomorrow the CAB adviser has asked if my Dr will write another supporting letter saying how difficult things are for me, how much pressure and strain it will be and how it will set me back looking for a job at the moment and for an up to date prescription list (some of my meds are not on repeat because they're as required or they're very expensive!). I'm hoping she will write it as I just want time to sort myself out and then see if I can find a job that is gentle and I can pace myself in not just any old job where I'll be thrown to the wolves and expected to do things beyond my capabilities.

My daughter had the last appointment (I can't take all the limelight!!!) Her appointment with the diabetic nurse and the diabetic psychologist went well, they changed some levels on her glucose testing machine so hopefully we'll be able to get her levels back under control again but I'm going to need to do some nighttime tests over the next few days to make sure her levels aren't going too low or too high thro the night as her last test in the night doesn't seem to match the first morning levels....I'll most probably be awake anyway so it makes no difference!
The nurse said if she's dipping low in the night her body will use its fat stores to bring her back up but it doesn't use just what is needed, it uses more than it needs so it makes her go high.

So today I'm feeling knackered and I'm also in more pain than normal as I also over did things yesterday. I decided to try to do some washing up which I got half way thro (there was a lot to wash up!) Then I decided to move my kitchen round a bit....remind me next time I have a bright idea to either not do it or get someone else to lift the microwave and reach the top of the cupboards to put kitchen wall stickers up....being 5'4" I can just bearley reach!!! But I'm happy I did it!!!

If you've read all the way thro thank you for bearing with me reading my long arsed post but on the plus side you should have a good night's sleep!!! 😉😂😨

Feb 09, 2017 7:50 PM

It's hard for me to say yes too, thing that might be a symptom of fibro lol

Feb 10, 2017 4:25 PM

Sezzy, sounds like you've been through the mill for sure. I have no doubt you're knackered and I hope you get the rest you need. Sending gentle, healing {{Hugs}} your way and hope that you feel better. My fingers are crossed that you have a really good outcome at your hearing.
happytoseethesunrise, don't you mean it's hard for you to say "no"?? LOL?? Uh-Oh.. fibro fog!😜

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