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C5/6 Disk, Arm/Neck Pain, Aracnoid Cyst

Apr 27, 2019 5:45 AM

I have a C5/6 slipped disk and symptoms of intense right arm nerve pain from my smallest finger right up through my arm into my neck to the base of my skull. However, this nerve pain doesn’t line up with a C5/6 injury and should be a C8 injury.
I also have an aracnoid cyst which may be causing this pain instead.... the doctors depite their fees don’t know.

Has anyone had any experience with peripheral nerve pain and slipped disks/ marachnoid cysts or BOTH?


Apr 27, 2019 11:29 AM

Sorry your so much in pain. I don’t have a maracnoid cyst but suffer from C3-4 problems and have pain in my hands/arms/shoulders extending from my neck. By the way you only have “7” cervical discs C-1-7 then begins your Thoracic region T1-T12 then lumbar L1-5. I hope you find relief or at least are able to tolerate your pain.🌺

Apr 28, 2019 11:41 AM

SlippedCyst, I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm not familiar with an arachnoid cyst. By C8 are you talking about a cervical disc or the 8th cranial nerve? I have had cervical disc & facet issues since 1995, have had 4 surgeries and am fused from C3-T1. I also have a disorder of the 8th cranial nerve called vestibular neuronitis, which causes dizziness. I have heard several orthopedist refer to C8 as a disc, but truly there is no C8 disc, there's only C7 then T1-12. I'm not sure why some doctors say C8 referring to the cervical disc.

I have pain in both arms and hands even after having surgeries. I even have tremors from the C2-C3 level that needs surgical treatment, but I'm balking at. Surgery has improved my symptoms in the past, but with every surgery it's harder to get through it. I take gabapentin for fibromyalgia and it helps when the neck related neuropathy worsens. I also went through nerve blocks that helped in the past. But because they use steroids and I have osteopenia now, they rarely agree to any steroids for me now, not even oral. I wish you the best in finding good doctors you feel are compassionate and caring, and able to treat you the best (get second or third opinions if you need to), and getting relief for your symptoms. Hugs love and prayers today will be a good day! 🙂❤🙏🌼

May 08, 2019 5:27 AM

I have had surgery on my c6 c7 c8 right side and c6 ,c7 left side where they carved out my channels for my nerves but am now going to be going back for surgery on my c2,c3,c4 right side and c2,c3 left where they are going to have to due the same and I DUE NOT REGRET IT i feal better than i have BUT HAVE NOW EXTREME VIDIGO BREATHING AND HEART POUNDING PAIN
So im def getting this surgery done
Dont be afraid it will help def find a reputational Dr.
Myne was Dr.sanford wright
Hes retire just in Dec,2018 so now i got to find another on but i def made the right call on surgery in long run.
Sorry bout the long talk lol

May 08, 2019 9:19 AM

Jojokangaroo, I'm glad you've had such good results; it gives me hope. I've got some areas (C2-3 & C6-7) where they need to widen the areas the nerves run through and the doc's description sounds awful. Lol I tend to build up calcium deposits where they don't belong. Good luck on finding a really good surgeon, as that's half the battle. My first surgeon has gotten old and he developed the shakes so I went with another doc for my last 2 surgeries. Hugs love & prayers for you & SlippedCyst to have successful surgeries! 🙂❤🙏🌼

May 09, 2019 8:45 AM

The cysts you are talking about can be Tarlov! If so, you need to advoid shots in the spine anywhere. Get a written report of your MRI and get a disc of images. Research, because 99% of docs will tell you they cause no issues. I'm here to tell you they do and I can get you to the newest text book info that a doc over 30 would never have read. Lol. Be careful and don't even do PT until you know the therapist understands these cysts. Resistance therapy will help them grow into monsters. Not trying to scare but encourage you to research and if you want to ask questions then I'm here.

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