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Can't sleep. Scared

Jan 03, 2016 10:01 PM

So tomorrow is one of the big appointments from Friday's ER visit. I must admit, I'm more then a little nervous right now. Just the thought alone of needing to possibly have surgery(yes big possibility of that) again is enough to set me on edge. I have tried everything that I can think of to calm myself down, but it's just not working already. I might just try to "rest" rather then sleep. Took a 3 hour nap earlier this afternoon. The thought that scares me isn't the procedure itself, it's where the abscess is that scares me. Oh and yes, the possibility of getting another damn IV cathater stuck in my arm is causing some anxiety as well. Sorry to be so long winded but it really does feel like you guys understand better then "normal" people do. I also said to my mom this morning that I'm sick and tired of being sick and freaking tired already. 😡

Jan 03, 2016 10:13 PM

Yes we do understand. And I know the fear u have. It's gonna be fine. As long as u pray bout and have confidence in your surgical team. It will be fine. I'm not gonna tell u to not worry but I will say to be calm..if u are able to do some meditation and rest youu hopefully find yourself able to sleep

Jan 03, 2016 10:22 PM

Being worried about appointments is something I do all the time too! I take a muscle relaxer on the way to the doctors to ease my body so I don't get super stressed and make the pain worse. Don't worry, you're not alone, I'm either getting another Spinal cord stimulator or a pain medicine pump put in me this year! I find out when on the 12th!
I hope your appointment goes well and you get some some sleep!!

Jan 03, 2016 10:26 PM

Amanda, we certainly fo understand, and will be there with you in one way or another. That I am certain of.
You have been there for me on more than one occasion, please contact me if I can help, well from a distance. I'll talk to you, chat with you, whatever you need.

Jan 04, 2016 2:50 AM

New, I do have confidence in my surgical team. Just trying to decipher which surgical team to use at this point. I did finally lay down after I posted this and slept for about 5 hours already.

Jan 04, 2016 2:56 AM

Don't be afraid of anxiety medication. It's wonderful before scary procedures. It's much better than the anxiety.

Jan 04, 2016 3:08 AM

That great Amanda. I'm glad you got some kind of rest. That will help u alot with your appointment. Don't forget to write down any and all concerns you have about the procdure.
Purpleeribbon.. I wish I could get my mom to feel that way about anxiety med. She is driving us crazy with all her stressing and er doctor has offered her some several times and she refused to use them but she needs it so badly.

Jan 04, 2016 3:13 AM

It is my experience that those of us with anxiety can be terrified of taking medication or getting therapy. I suffered for years but a cancer diagnosis finally pushed me over the edge to take anxiety meds. The best thing to do is to sit down with your mother and ask her a lot of questions about her fears and take notes. She might find clarity just from your questions.

Jan 04, 2016 3:23 AM

My sister and I have had several conversations with her. My mom has even had several meltdown where she became combative toward me. My family has been going through for over a year. I've got massive tumor and fibomyalgia and possible luous my dad has double cancers and my mom just recently had multiple stents implanted in heart. So we have been stressed my mom is Avery controlling personally. It's hard to break her she'll. It's to the point where my sister and I have had to actually back off her because for me its began to cause me physical harm with my health. And well my sister has never been all that patient with my mom and her outburst.. Lol. Sorry for the long babble but I do want to finda solution for her so we can all live happily.

Jan 04, 2016 3:24 AM

Amanda ..sorry to hijack your post.. 😊 please forgive me

Jan 04, 2016 4:37 AM

New, no worries. Purple, my anxiety comes from having so many medical procedures done last year. At last count, I think I was at 15. But at this point, the anxiety is getting to me big time right now. It's to the point where I get scared even going into the surgeons office cause I know what's going to end up happening and it's terrifying to me. Unfortunately, my psychiatrist does not understand what's it like even though I tried explaining it to her. Thought of painful or invasive procedure = fear!!!!

Jan 05, 2016 3:53 PM

Amanda, I hunk it's natural for all of us chronically patients to feel great reach time something else comes up, especially when they mention surgery. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, with (((hugs))). 😷🙏🌼

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