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Nov 21, 2014 9:58 AM

Dear CatchMyPain users

We recently started to invite doctors, therapists, care providers, etc. to our new platform "CatchMyPain for Professionals".
Have a look at catchmypain.com/professionals.

The goal is to easily connect your diaries with your medical practitioner.
This is still early stage and we are collecting feedback on how to proceed.

You can help us a lot if you talk to your doctor, therapist, etc. and recommend them to take part in the beta.

Thank you for spreading the word and all the best.

Your CatchMyPain Team

Nov 23, 2014 3:23 AM

I think this is awesome. Thanks for all you do!

Dec 22, 2014 2:23 AM

Did your medical practitioner ever have a look into your pain diary?
What did they think about it? Missing anything?

Do you want to give them access to your data?
Introduce them to our "CatchMyPain for Professionals".

Many thanks and all the best

Dec 22, 2014 6:37 PM

This is an absolutely fabulous platform. My doctor was completely interested in what this site provides. I will let you know what feedback I get from him when I see him at the beginning of January. Thanks for making these platforms available. I think that they will provide an insurmountable amount of information and support as well as helping connect folks that have common issues and can all lean on one another.

Dec 22, 2014 6:56 PM

Think that this is a great idea because I know that I myself would love that my doctors could see my diary because sometimes it is had to say what you can show them for a daily pain log.

May 12, 2015 4:54 AM

Sounds like a really good idea. Dealing w/ Fibromyalgia, I forget a lot of things that happen, when it comes time to talk to the doctor. It would be nice to be able to share a pain journal, w/ my doctors.

May 23, 2015 11:13 AM

It sounds great but I have some questions:

1. What would the professionals have access to? (I.e. community posts, diary etc.)
2. Would the professionals have their own community to enable them to get other doctors opinions and discuss patients?
3. Would the doctors be able to send us PMs/DMs (Personal/Direct Messages) and us to them as well?

I might have more later but that's all I can think of for now. Thank you for developing this app, it is the best thing I've come across

May 25, 2015 3:46 AM

Do the professionals have access to our notes? That is like my private journal for me not anyone else.

May 26, 2015 4:26 AM

Hello together

1. The professionals tool basically shows the same data as you can see yourself in the export / "send to email" feature. (so it includes your notes!)
The difference is that you can give them access once and don't need to resend them your diary.
It also contains an improved pain chart.

2. There is no dedicated community for doctors yet.
3. no built-in messaging. You have to rely on traditional email.

Best regards

May 31, 2015 7:09 AM

When a dedicated app is developed could you notify us here please?

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