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Cervical Spine Pain. Neck Pain, Back Pain.

Aug 03, 2014 8:15 PM

Pain in Neck on Right Side causes Headaches. Pain in lower Lumbar on Right Side.

Aug 03, 2014 8:17 PM

Pain Medicine Normally Helps, a hot shower, also Injections to calm the nerves and the facet joints.

Jul 27, 2018 4:40 PM

James42 I am due to have injections in a week, I am little scared , but kinda wished I woulda had the courage to try sooner

Jul 28, 2018 3:45 AM

I have similar problems especially pain in facet joints and constant trap spasm, arm pain and numbness and migraines. All from repetitive strain and postural issues from job. Been going on for 2 years, seen numerous specialists and although I have physiological symptoms physiotherapist can immediately notice, muscle wastage in arm and hands, other than mild disc bulge in c5-6 deemed insignificant, pain is all day everyday and depressing. GP now trying to get a pain specialist to confirm her suspicions I now have complex regional pain syndrome. Seen pain specialist who wants to take me off my meds which I only take at night as I need to function at work and stop my Physio which gives me relief, to do a cbt based pain program. I've tried meditation, body scan and mindfulness and whilst body scan and meditation helps relax me whilst I do it, it doesnt take the pain away and the slightest thing exacerbates my pain. I don't have any answers for you or myself but I understand the pain and frustration u suffer. Please update how the injections go as I'm interested to see if it helps give you relief. I too am only 39 and scared to live with this type of pain forever. Your not alone. Will follow your progress. I'm here to talk and listen and bounce ideas off. Good luck With your procedure.

Aug 03, 2018 11:53 PM

Danlou, I was due to have hydrocortisone injections, but after talking to my Pain Mgmt Dr. and him viewing my Past x-rays and MRI’s he decided that the Hydrocortisone injections would not help me especially since I had dry needling a few days before seeing him so we discussed me getting a Medial Branch block on my C4,C5 and C6 Disc And now I am terrified of how much pain it’s going to be during the procedure

Aug 04, 2018 2:18 PM

I broke my neck and its still has pain but the best thing I done was start working out my neck with weights, although it doesn't fully help it as its the nerves it does help with some pain.

Aug 09, 2018 5:26 AM

My PM does sedation for facet injections n all... it’s easy n worth it.
I have 4 herniated cervical discs with cervical stenosis from c4-c7 so I get a boring type pain, shoulder pain
Lumbar herniated l4/l5 with l4 nerve root compression and 2 levels of facet hypertrophy
Carpal tunnel....yet I love when sum docs say “mild.” What the hell is mild about that-nothing

Aug 11, 2018 4:31 AM

CB1227, sorry haven't responded. I've been coping with some news of late that might be the cause of my major pain issues. I hate to think of your fear regarding your procedure. I hope it goes better than you think it has gone better than thought if you already have had it done. I have had persistent migraines which I thought was associated with my neck and trap spasms so GP decided to send me for Brain MRI. They found what they are trying to ascertain is a signal loss in my brain representing MS. I have to go through more MRIs and possible lumbar puncture to determine if this is my problem so apologies for not following up. Just been too overwhelmed with my news and getting through work and running a house. I will keep following and hope you have or have had some success in your recommended treatment.

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