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Chiara probs

Dec 26, 2014 10:58 PM

Drove today ... dumb move :(. I feel like I was hit with an 18-wheeler, then backed over. Just want to cry. No pain med have ever helped. I know there will be no sleep tonight.

Dec 27, 2014 6:53 AM

Oh! I'm so sorry to hear how much pain you are in. Are you stepping your pain meds so you r system is 'never empty'?
I find that helps a bit. All you can do I lie down in a comfortable bed.
I've feel the same as in hit but a HUGE truck, I was passenger but we drove for 4+ hours at a time! the pain has cranked up from Christmas Eve. I was suffering, but could escape back to the hotel. For a rest. Christmas Day I did the same and slept most of the afternoon. Boxing Day I was so ill by this point and in soo much pain, that my husband just said our apologies and drove me home, I was whimpering and sobbing the whole way!! I have been in bed ever since. In far to much pain and exhaustion to do anything else............You are not alone. You've just got to listed to your body for a while. Take care.

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