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Chiari I & Syrnix

Aug 09, 2015 2:47 PM

Having Chiari I and a Syrnix between C5-C7 has been life changing. I first had medical proof a little over a year ago. But, I believe, I silently knew things were not right all my life. On November 7, 2014 I had Suboccipital Craniectomy and Duroplasty surgery along with a Cervical 1 Laminectomy. Do I feel any better since? Yes & No. My left side more often than not feels heavy, numb, and agonizing at the same time. I always use to relish in the fact that I am a lefty and use to love using my creative skills. Now most tasks involving fine motor skills are duly avoided. I wouldn’t say the surgery helped but I have to believe that it may prevent my symptom list from growing. Most of my praise however goes to the Gabapentin (900mg), Effexor ER (150mg), and Amrix (30mg). Every six weeks I also receive Botox for my ever there headaches. I try to stay upbeat but I know it tends to get the best of me. I have sort-a good days and really bad days…today is a bad day. Here’s to hoping you are having a really good day!

Aug 09, 2015 4:01 PM

Correction to medication: I actually take Gabapentin 900mg 3xday.

Aug 09, 2015 7:09 PM

Luna Bella 3 I was diagnosed with a Syrinx in C 7 to T 12, Syringomyelia in 2005. I had a anteriordiskectomy on C5,6,7. The Syrinx drained off but came back in 2010, it is effecting my arms,hands, fingers ,also my left leg I have to drag when I walk at times. I sometimes have numbness in my left arm, and leg,also tingling sensation. I am experiencing numbness more frequently in my left arm and hand and fingers. I take Gabapentin 800 mg x day, Savella 50 mg 2 x day, Fentanyl Patches 50 mg change every 3 days, and Hydrocodn / Acetaminophen 325 / 7.5 every 6 hrs as needed for break thru pain. I hope everyone has a good night.

Aug 09, 2015 7:19 PM

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking I was alone out there. It has been nice to read posts and see how supportive this group is to so many people.

Aug 09, 2015 7:48 PM

LunaBella3 This is a wonderful site ,it was such a blessing for me to find it. Everyone is great on here, I feel close to several people on here we have become close it feels like we are a family. The best thing is you can talk about anything and someone has gone thru it or knows someone who went thru it. You can rant and rave all you want and no one will hold it against you. Welcome to our pain family.

Aug 09, 2015 7:51 PM

LunaBella3, I can't say I know what you're feeling because I'm not familiar with this. But I will be praying you get better control of the pain and symptoms cause by it. It's hard to stay upbeat all the time, especially on our bad days. But that's why we have each other. ((Hugs)) and sweet dreams! 🙏🌼

Aug 09, 2015 8:01 PM

LunaBella3, I am sorry that you are suffering with such pain and the horrible surgeries you've endured. I'm not familiar with the diseases you're inflicted with but I AM familiar with the overbearing and chronic pain. I hope and pray that you get some resolution to your issues. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Welcome to our community family and I hope that you find the hope, comfort and support you need here. We are all just a keystroke away. No matter the topic, if you need to cry, rant, rave, whatever, there are no judgements here. Only people who understand and want to help. Have a good night and I hope you rest and wake with less pain and have a peaceful day.

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