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chiropractic care

Oct 05, 2015 7:00 AM

Basically, I have DDD, stenosis and various herniated discs all the way through my spine. I asked my pain management doctor about going to a chiropractor, but he said it may not be a good idea because most tend to be too aggressive for my issues. If I was to seek one out, what would I look for and ask a chiropractor? Been to one about 15 years ago and it helped immensely. Any thoughts?

Oct 05, 2015 11:15 AM

If you decide to seek out the help of a chiropractor, be certain to let him/her know about ALL of the issues you are having. Bring any X-rays or scans and also bring the reports. A lot of chiropractors take X-rays on your consult because they want to get a visual of what is going on in your spine at that very time. Having many of the same issues as you, I do not go because I have wires in my neck and none will touch me and that's ok with me. I hope you get relief if you do decide to go in that direction. 🙏🏻🌻

Oct 10, 2015 8:54 PM

Chico, my pain specialist said the same thing. I have DDD with bulges, tears, osteoarthritis, and prior surgical fusions. But my chiropractor is gentle, not like some I've been to. I tell her any new symptoms and if she thinks it's neurologically connected she won't adjust me until I see my spine doc. She never adjusts my neck because of the surgery. Some chiropractic docs give a free consultation. Ask around who others use, and go prepared with some questions. Good luck on your search. 🙏🌼

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