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Jul 12, 2018 6:32 PM

I visited a chiropractor today for first time in 4 years. I have had fibro pain for 6 but diagnosed 6 months ago. I feel better than I have in a long time but its only been 8 hours. What your thoughts on chiro?

Jul 14, 2018 4:53 PM

I was only diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 mos ago. I started seeing a chiropractor because I needed to in order to get a prescription for massage so my insurance would cover it. So far the combination along with PT (in warm water pool) has been helping a lot.

Jul 15, 2018 7:43 PM

Been seeing a chiropractor for almost a year. Started with bulging disc to right shoulder. Now, I see him once a month, sooner if needed. He is amazed I don't see him more because my neck is always out. "Isn't that painful?" he asks. I always tell him I just have more pain elsewhere. Overall, being adjusted on a normal basis has helped greatly. Those small pains that become big pains quickly are not so frequent. I can walk out of the office pain free for a while(if only for a few hours). It's nice to remember what that feels like. Also, tens unit and heavy warm moist heat packs with treatment help with physical and mental exhaustion.

Jul 16, 2018 12:27 AM

I've always been wondering about this... My stepmother works in health care but she says that chiropractor is a terrible idea, that they only worsen it for the long shot. But I'm in so much pain and no one in the normal health care believes me, I'm starting to run out of options 😢

Jul 17, 2018 10:14 AM

I am a registered nurse working night shift, I too didn't believe in chiropractic care. I also see that medicine now is only treating symptoms. There is no cure for fibro, only more meds. With adjustments, it's a no drug treatment. The first few times, my muscles were sore, but they had been tight and painful around all the vertebra that were out of place, for years. I can say that with all the fibro pain I feel, having my back and neck not hurt for about three weeks, is well worth it.

Aug 06, 2018 7:52 AM

I have always loved the chiropractor for headaches back and neck pain, I had gone for 21 years as a military member. I do believe they have their place in helping with many issues. But please be careful and also see a regular doctor. The beginning of this year I went to the chiropractor for back and neck pain like I’ve always had to get relieve well this time the pain didn’t really seem to subside like I felt it did other times and I had a headache, shoulder and neck stiffness that wouldn’t go away. So after day three of this I went to the ER thinking they would give me a shot in the butt and tell me to go home and rest. BUT..that didn’t happen. Apparently I had a vertibreal artery dissection (VAD) I’m not saying it’s the chiropractor who did it but I think the manipulation pushed it over the edge. I guess VADs are the number one cause of strokes in young people. I’ve never had a injury to my neck and the neurosurgeons were shocked to see I had multiple VADs that my body tried to heal over the years by itself. Long story short- it was so bad they had to kill the artery so one artery down and I have to be careful not to mess up others.
Recommendation are
Avoid all activities which increase the risk of sudden, rapid, or severe neck motion or activities that maintain the neck in an extended position for a prolonged period of time. One of the ones listed is

Chiropractic Neck Manipulation.
Yoga and Pilates. :(. So said

Overall take all procedures seriously and cautiously. You are your best advocate. The more informed you are the better

I still like chiropractic again I don’t know what caused it so I only know that may have just made enough difference that day to make me notice. Just be careful with all treatments

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