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Chronic Back, Leg and Foot Pain

May 18, 2014 3:01 PM

I've had chronic pain for nearly 6 years now. It started with acute sciatic pain, then after back surgery to relieve the sciatic pain, I had major issues with my SI joint. Ever since then it has been a life of pain in my spine, back, down the legs and feet. My right shoulder is constantly in pain too but I think that is from only being able to lay on my right side when I sleep, which is not too often.

The leg and especially the foot pain is like my toes being cut off or that I am being electrocuted with a cattle prod. The intermittent electrical shards fire off all over my feet and toes and was once only on the left leg and foot and is now in the right leg and foot too.
My diagnosis is that I have stenosis in several locations, arthritis, medium disk bulges, missing disks in the low back, spine spurs, etc etc. In other words my back is a mess. Lessen learned from years of abusing my body doing some extreme sports.

I now have to take 160mg Oxyneo, 4 to 8 percocet, 2 anti-inflammatory, 4 muscle relaxers and 300mg Lyrica daily to try and manage the pain. The Lyrica works fairly well but when combined with all the other meds it leaves me feeling very medicated and like I am detached from my body and floating. Without the medication I would not survive the pain.

I have tried so many different types of alternative medicines with no avail.

I will be going to a pain group which is set up at the local hospital. They supposedly will teach you to manage your pain with your mind. I will also be trying a new alternative medicine in the fall, that's the first opening, which involves using Hormone replacement. Apparently testosterone is a natural anti-inflammatory and the hormone replacement has shown to reduce pain in some patients, I'm 55 and its likely my testosterone levels are lowering. I know a guy, 50 years old, who has had success with this treatment from his chronic neck pain that was caused by a car accident.

I am interested in hearing any success stories on how others manage their pain and I will keep posts on the success of these other alternatives that I am trying.

May 20, 2014 3:30 AM

Hello CraigCampbell, it will be very interesting to hear from you about your experience with those new alternative methods and their impact. Do you know the names of these methods? It might help others to categorize them and give you feedback on it, if they have any experience.

May 20, 2014 5:29 PM

I don't have the specific name of the treatments yet. The one is known as Hormone Replacement Therapy, using Testosterone and the other is just a physiological treatment, Mind over Matter Pain Management, I think. I will post the names once I get more information but its still a few months before I am able to get into these programs.

May 20, 2014 8:03 PM

Hi Craig, like yourself l have a pretty messed up spine. l was told l have facet joint damage in my lower spine, three bulging discs in my neck and the rest has osteoarthritis. I can t take anti inflammatorys as it affects my asthma, otherwise l take ether codiene or tramadol, amitriptaline and lyrica, all of which I take daily for pain management. I also use microwaveable wheat and lavindar packs and a TENS machine as extra lines of pain management. I will be interested to hear about other ways to manage pain from you, especially since your spine and the problems you have with it is very similar to mine.
my attitude to my spinal health is that I have daily pain and need painkillers every day. I accept I will always have pain with it and that all I can hope for right now is keeping that pain to the minimum. for me it's about where am l right now and not looking to far ahead with regards to it. I am still managing to work, though I know my days are numbered as I have had quite a lot of time off with it and am on a health discipline!
so you see you are blazing a trail for others when you try these new therapies and give us feedback on alternative ways to tackle pain. look forward to hearing from you.

Nov 04, 2014 8:07 PM

ibuprofen ... and massage... seems minimal i know... but ibuprofen is amazing and the only thing that seems to relieve any of my pain - some of which is similar to yours

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