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Chronic Pain in feet unknown cause

Apr 07, 2017 7:36 PM

I was a 23yo sapar in the Australian Army.

Suffering wuth pain from tge knees down I wrongfully diagnosed with shin splints in july 2005.

5 years of forced self management with no relief and adhering to the strict physical requirements of the military lead to a emotional and mental breakdown in 2010.

Complete medical investigation was done and followed with a diagnoses of popliteal artery entrapment in 2011 and surgery to correct the pain in both legs.

Pain was successfully 90% reduced from the knees to tge ankles.

Unfortunately followed with no relief from ankeles down to the toes.

MRI, bone scans, nerve conduction studies, blood work ruling out arthritis, did not show any confirmed diagnoses and Tarsel Tunnel Decompression was surgerically attempted. No relief was achieved.

Jan 2013 medically discharged from the military.

Self management till nov 2016, servere pain forced investigations to recommenc. March 17, I have given up work due to chronic pain and severe mental instability, while investigating possible causes for pain and relief.

Pounding pressure in ankles and numbness in toes and feet. Can be described as burning and severe acking. Mild relief with no activity over period of day, couch and bed ridden. Any movement or activity either standing or sitting gradually agrevates condition.

Unfortunately doctors are skeptic of finding a diagnoses. Any help from anyone would be gratefully appreciated.

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