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Chronic Pain poem

Sep 09, 2015 9:40 AM

This is terrible and has literally no structure, but I thought I'd share my disaster of a poem which I wrote whilst half asleep.

Chronic Pain

Nobody should have to live a life, where every second that goes past, you think you can't go on anymore.
Nobody should have to live a life, where your emotions are so damaged and so excruciatingly raw.
Nobody should have to live a life, where pain consumes you and swallows you whole.
Nobody should have to live a life, where you are the fish and pain is your bowl.
Nobody should have to live a life, where your deepest, darkest fear is continuing life as it is.
Nobody should have to live a life, where pain is your undesired quiz.
Nobody should have to live a life, where you have to be so brave, but you can't even take a bow.
Nobody should have to live a life, like I do now.

Sep 09, 2015 10:08 AM

What an absolutely wonderfully written poem!!! It's fabulous and I know that I, for one, can certainly relate to it. I hope you have a blessed day with a lighter pain load. 🌻🙏🏻

Sep 09, 2015 10:14 AM

As alwayz said, we definitely can relate to it. Not sure whether people without pain can imagine what's it's like for us though. Beautiful poem nonetheless, kudos to that!

Sep 09, 2015 5:22 PM

I don't know what you'd call a good poem if you think this is badly written, HollyMay. That was perfect. Poetry is art, and art makes you feel something. I definitely felt your pain in these words. I know what it's like to feel so consumed by the pain that you think it never will end. But there are still good days. I hope you keep writing poems, but can find a little piece of hope to put in the end, even if it's just for you. I get the most depressed when I think about trying to get thru the rest of my life like this, so I take it 20 mins or an hour at a time. This moment is good. This moment can get us to the next good moment.

Sep 09, 2015 10:28 PM

HollyMay, structure isn't that important. You wrote from the heart, and it was beautiful. Even as upbeat as I try my best to stay, there are days when I too feel like a fish in a bowl of pain. Keep expressing yourself and forget about structure. (((Hugs))), and a prayer that you will find a little bit of joy and hope every day. 🙏🌼

Sep 10, 2015 3:44 PM

Amen Flappys!

Sep 10, 2015 9:48 PM

Very nice I truly love it. I wish I did not understand it so well, but I am in the same bowl with the fish. Thank you for sharing with us.

Sep 11, 2015 12:05 AM

*****DICTATED >>due to CTS pain, and my Fhibro flareups most or all of what follows and may contain ODD errors.*****

HOLLYMAE--chronic pain poem::::::::::

THANK you you've captured the essence of what I wanted to convey to people for years, so I also hate to say that I can truly relate to your poem. I thought it was pretty well-written. 

Due to the right  "med cocktails" and dosing schedules, diet, stretching, exercise and behavioral health treatment 

EDIT: (and I've just recently started taking some sort of supplement designed to reduce or eliminate fibromyalgia pain) but it's too soon to know whether or not these pills are actually working. )

pain is no longer that dreaded enemy you so eloquently described in your poem, I can choose now to ignore the pain below pain level six. And sometimes pain level seven. THANK YOU JEHOVAH GOD. 

I truly am blessed and fortunate that I can say this. We've been tinkering around with my meds for several years now, and I just got to the point of being able to ignore Or distract myself from a  pain a large chunk of the time, when just recently I was rear-ended, changing the game again.

Now the pain levels 8 9 and 10 have returned and the only relief that I'm receiving has been as a result of a combination of pain relief modalities at the chiropractic  clinic I've been going to along with a boatload of tweaked medications. But the pain levels swing between four and nine at any point in the day or night and sometimes 10 and 10+ when I'm at when I'm at the clinic going through physical therapy and massage therapy. 

But enough about me. Your poem is so accurate it would give non-suffers much insight and might even elicit real empathy. Rather than them saying things like "me too" or "yeah I got that two"  OR I know what you mean" I think your poem should be published outside of this forum.  I'm going to share this with my PCP as well as the rest of my large team of specialists and technicians. I'm also going to share it with my Family and those who continue to make hurtful remarks, remarks that they don't think are hurtful, They think they're trying to help you to strengthen your mind the power, Your willpower – – the idea of your mind over [Matter] pain. They think that fibromyalgia and other well-documented chronic pain conditions can be controlled by the power of the mind. They don't know that the pain experienced by most of us in this form falls outside of the purview of the conscious mind.  

Please, don't get me wrong: the mind is an awesomely powerful thing, however it takes the ability to concentrate for long periods of time to fight the pain. And for most of us all of the medication that we take for pain messes up our ability to concentrate. What they don't know is is that the pain levels we experience preclude any ability to concentrate on controlling the pain or becoming so fully immersed in something else that were not aware of the pain. It's a sad irony but unfortunately I believe it to be the situation most of us find ourselves in. 

Furthermore it's frustrating if we've been able to do it and lower pain levels in the past but can no longer do it for the pain levels that we are in and because we have to take so much pain medication.

I know that the preceding paragraph is going to be somewhat controversial for some. However this is been my experience – – I was involved in N LP some time ago and my ability to learn very quickly as well as strengthening the power of memory and I busied myself with all kinds of brain stuff that would help me build the power of my mind. but that was then – – moderate pain from an accident involving a jack knife tractor-trailer, But this is now 20 years later… i'm 53 now) dealing with multiple spinal injuries that were never resolved -I mean adequately treated – –along with arthritis, rotor cuff syndrome CFS, spondylosis in different places six herniated  discs all of which are exacerbated by the terrible trio of ADHD, clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder.  as well as chronic pain syndrome related to psychosocial issues. 

I wish for the days when I had the power to control so much and engaging enough activities to strengthen the muscles in my back with the help of my chiropractor. and come to a "full recovery".(2-3 pain levels). 
 I was much younger then and didn't have any chronic pain syndromes or any degenerative diseases that cause great pain.

At any rate, I could continue to  yammer on. 

So I'll end it right here and now by saying continue to pray (Don't forget to use God's and beseech him at every opportunity) and PUBLISH THAT POEM PLEASE 

And please be encouraged that hundreds if not thousands of people found your poem to be so very insightful and. It made us feel good because it's so clearly and aptly described their own situation and know that we're not alone in feeling the way we do.


Sep 11, 2015 7:19 AM

SuffererInKind, I teared up reading your entry. As one who has found it easier to ignore some of my pain, simply because once Plaquenil was added for my sjogrens my daily pain scale was cut in half this year. There are days I hurt more, depending on sleep or activities. That you had the same decrease in pain, only to be involved in a MVA, I hurt for you! I hope and pray the methods of treatment you are currently using will bring the reduced levels back very soon. (((Hugs))) & prayers for you!

And you're right, Hollymay needs her poem copyrighted and printed for others everywhere. Hollymay, go for it! 🙏🌼

Sep 11, 2015 11:05 AM

Well said. Love the poem

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